Where do I start with cleaning my Adwords Adelaide Account

As much as we all hate cleaning, it needs to be done every once in a while, even for your Google Adwords Adelaide account! Cleaning your account presents a great chance to reassess and make considerations of the changes that need to be made. If we don’t clean up every now and then, your Adwords account will be cluttered and become too much. Additional work will need to be put in to ‘step over’ the clutter we’ve made.

Get ready to feel clean and new again, as we’ve compiled three important tips to effectively to clean up your Google Adwords account.

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Step 1: Consider keywords with a low search volume or Low Impressions

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The first approach in cleaning your Adwords account is to get rid of those keywords that present low impressions or as Google states ‘low search volume’ (LSV) and have proven to be ineffective in outcome. Google classifies these words as having minimal or no search volume, and annoyingly these terms can be sitting in your account wasting space and causing headaches.

The problem is that these keywords may get in the way of filtering and accurately identifying optimisation opportunities. Don’t hoard your keywords, trying to keep them alive, with the glimpse of hope that it will one day will burst traffic to your website. It’s best to avoid and neglect the reoccurrence of these keywords. My recommendations suggest:


  • Filter for Low Search Volume keywords over the past 12 months or so
  • Identify keywords that have very few or 0 impressions
  • Remove these keywords that fall into this class

Low impressions

  • Apply a new filter for all keywords with less than 25 impressions over the past 12 months
  • Remove these Keywords that fall into this class

Step 2: Lacking Ad Groups

Focus on changing or even removing Ad Groups that serve low purpose to your campaign. If they lack impressions and are taking up space, it maybe time to reconsider. Before moving further, please ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there paused ads that appear in your campaign? Why are they paused?
  • Does your ad group lack impressions and targeting? LSV keywords present?
  • Does your ad groups ads attract traffic? Are they contributing to your campaign?

After asking yourself these questions, consider if your ad group is wasting space or getting the results that your campaign needs to move forward.

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Step 3: Unused Labels

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Last step is quite simple and easy, consider assembling your labelling system. Rather than spending all your time picking through your labels next time you run an ad analysis, it may be best to get rid of the inactive or unneeded labels.

Go through and investigate whether the labels are still being used, and immediately remove all labels that are not assigned to anything. Better to have a concise and nicely arranged account that will make its access easier for you.

Use these tips and you will successfully clean out your Adwords account, which will allow you to make better decisions and help improve your adwords performance.

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