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Meet Michael Siebert

Managing Director

Adelaide Expo Hire


The Business

Adelaide Expo Hire (AEH) is a nationally accredited exhibition supply company who provide high-quality equipment for private and commercial events. With 30 staff, a huge range and an undisputable track record for innovative custom displays, AEH has become the most highly awarded exhibition company in Australia. The team have firmly held onto the strong customer service values that were instilled in the foundation back in 1993. One of the people responsible for this progressive yet traditional approach is Michael Siebert—the Managing Director.

Michael fell into the business by chance after being introduced to previous owners, Pat and Sue Pearce. It just so happened that the couple were starting to consider retirement and needed an extra pair of hands on deck to keep their legacy alive. This was the beginning of Michael’s long-term involvement with the company, where he moved up the ranks before taking ownership all together.

“I had never aspired to run my own business, but I would definitely describe myself as lucky with how I’ve fallen into the industry and my role.”

He’d spent the 12 years prior working for a large national paint company as an accountant; taking care of architectural and trade painters. Despite entering the unknown when jumping on board, Michael’s always had a lot of confidence in the success of AEH, which provoked his desire to make a larger contribution. He credits both Pat and Sue for their influence on his work ethic, along with the fantastic AEH team who can make anything possible.

“This is going to sound really big-headed, but I don’t think business has to be that technical […] I think that at times, we can get weighed down by wanting to be too smart, but at the end of the day you just have to trust in your people, trust in the process, and get the job done.”

Despite the good run he’s had so far, Michael admits that learning to switch off is the biggest challenge he’s faced as a business owner. There’s also the added pressure of wanting to take the company from strength to strength when success means something different to everyone. However, a big part of success in Michael’s eyes is reflecting on the small milestones that the company has achieved—whether it’s expanding the range or conquering large projects. Michael also shares the rewards he reaps with his staff to extend the sense of pride.

“I profit-share with the staff, so when the business makes a profit they get a share in that too. I feel it’s important to give back to the team and it’s always nice to see their reaction when we’ve had a successful year.”

When he manages to find the off-switch, Michael can often be found filtering through the variety in his small wine cellar. He enjoys the company of his friends and family, and says he feels lucky that his job enables him to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

The Problem

The AEH team needed a website that reflected their contemporary service. Their existing one was outdated, and a total refresh was in order to amplify their branding.

“Our previous website was looking outdated and we felt was no longer reflective of our business and it needed to be redone.”

The Solution

AEH reached out to multiple digital marketing companies who tendered for the new build project. After a unanimous team vote, Marketing Sweet came out on top, which Michael says was due to our genuine interest and belief in the AEH brand

“We felt that Marketing Sweet were the best because they understood where we were coming from and what we were hoping to achieve.”

Marketing Sweet team worked closely alongside AEH to ensure we really encapsulated the purpose and tradition of their business. The result fits the ideals of contemporary design without compromising the uniqueness of the business.

“The website makes us look more professional, modern, and the navigation definitely fits the consumer expectations.”

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