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Caddle Crash Repairs & Edenwood Autos


The Business

Caddle Crash Repairs is one of the largest and most successfully run crash repair businesses in South Australia. With over 25 staff on deck, the team have invested their time and skills into delivering a simple and efficient service to help customers get back on the road in minimal time. The business is owned and operated by the Caddle family, who have built a fantastic reputation on the basis of integrity and quality workmanship.

“We pride ourselves on doing a high-quality repair in minimal time. We empathise with our customers because we know that it’s hard to go day by day without your car.”

Barry, the father, started the business over 40 years ago after completing his national service in Vietnam. In 1986, he extended his passion and expertise by purchasing Edenwood Autos—a car service and repair business that has now been supporting the blackwood community for over 50 years. The team have upheld the traditional family values that contribute to their long-term relationships with customers. This comes down to the well-rounded management team: Barry’s two sons, Brenton and Michael.

The traditional aspect of the business is balanced out by modern techniques, methods and knowledge that drives high-quality results. This is a challenge that Brenton has embraced, admitting that IT and technology isn’t really his Dad’s “forte”. There’s also the ever-growing list of rules and regulations that keeps them on their toes.

“It’s not as straightforward as it used to be—you can’t just send someone off to do a job. I do most of the training and textbook stuff but that’s definitely been one of the biggest changes in the industry.”

Along with his brother, Brenton is responsible for the day to day operations of both Edenwood Autos and Caddle Crash Repairs. Despite laughing at his status of being the most disliked person in the workshop, Brenton does a fantastic job at maintaining happy customership by creating an organised internal structure. Like his Dad, Brenton is a panel beater by trade, and he began his career working the floor as an apprentice before moving up the ranks.

On top of his own contribution to shaping both businesses, Brenton says that his team are responsible for the quality and efficiency of the operation. When something needs to be done, all hands are on deck to make it happen—and this comes down to selectively hiring employees who have the right team player attitude.

“A lot of our staff are long-term employees and they all work well as a team. There’s no ‘I’ in team and we want to drive ourselves forward by working together and helping each other out.”

Brenton notes that the industry is fast-evolving, with advanced technology like driverless cars continually raising the bar when it comes to service and repairs.

“The way the modern motor car is changing, this industry’s going to be totally different in 10 years-time—as it is compared to 10 years ago […] the technology just seems to be moving faster than we can learn it.”

Because of this, Brenton says that he really doesn’t know what he’ll be doing or where the business will be down the track, but it’s undeniable that both Caddle Crash Repairs and Edenwood Autos have had a huge impact on their surrounding communities. Outside of the workshop. Brenton enjoys spending his time camping and caravanning with family—travelling to the likes of the Flinders Ranges.

The Problem

The team didn’t really know their marketing performance was lagging until being approached by Marketing Sweet’s Director, Corie Dawson.

“Corie approached us and we had a meeting and I just really liked the way he came across and wanted to help. He showed me a few examples of some websites you (Marketing Sweet) had built and just gave us information we weren’t aware of.”

Neither Caddle Crash Repairs or Edenwood Autos had websites up and running to showcase the fantastic family values of their business.

The Solution

As a result, the Marketing Sweet team designed and built both establishments websites that were functional, engaging, and effectively communicated the history of the business.

Brenton says the website has generated interest from people saying they were “impressed” with the design and layout. It’s also helped generate more leads for the business through the simple submission form system.

“We didn’t want anything fancy, we just needed it to serve it’s purpose and that’s exactly what it does. Now we can reach out to people and say here we are, this is what we do, and then we can get on with it.”

One thing in particular that stood out to Brenton while working with Marketing Sweet was the pro-active nature of the team.

“They were always chasing me, I never seemed to be chasing them. If there’s anything they needed to know they’d just give us a call or run me through what needed to be done.”

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