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When internet users are looking for particular products, services, or information, they use specific words, terms, or phrases. This group of words are what we refer to as keywords in digital marketing.

As you know, Digital Marketing Hobart depends on various factors, and one of them is keywords. When creating content (whether you are a content creator or a business owner), understanding what keywords your prospects use can help you stay relevant to them and provide quality content. When they find your content on the search engine, they will click on it.

Other than this, keywords will help you rank on the search engine. For instance, if you are an electrician and want to target people looking for professional electricians in their area, your content should revolve around these terms. You should ensure that you mention the keyword severally and place them strategically within the content and the title. That way, you’ll be visible on the search engine, especially if your content is useful and valuable. Nonetheless, remember that stuffing keywords can attract penalties from search engines for your Online Marketing Hobart efforts.

Also, with the relevant keyword, you’ll be able to drive organic traffic to your website. The advantage of this is that you’ll get the right kind of customers to your site, which eventually increases conversions. If you are a business, using the appropriate keywords to describe your products or services can help in brand awareness and increase revenue.

How do you find relevant keywords?

If you need to create content that ranks on the search engine, you’ll need to carry out keyword research which as a Digital Marketing agency Hobart, we will do for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess the right keywords to use since there are different online tools that we use to source the relevant keywords to target.

One of the most popular site builders is WordPress for Digital Marketing Hobart. From small blogs, small and medium businesses to international corporations, WordPress sites have become a go-to option for anyone who wants a website, a blog, an ecommerce, or a portfolio for their business.

Apart from its efficiency in providing all you need to build a reputable website, WordPress is our go-to choice as a Marketing company Hobart. Some of the benefits you can get include:

WordPress sites rank high on search engine

Most business owners aim at ensuring that their website ranks high on Google. WordPress usually updates its site builder often and will provide various plugins and other tools to help optimise your site and content to the search engine.

WordPress sites are mobile-friendly

Since most internet users nowadays use smartphones to access the internet, customising your website to suit mobile phone users is crucial. Doing so will eventually lead to Google rankings. The good thing about WordPress sites is that they are stable even when you open the site using your phone. Users don’t need to zoom in when reading blogs or when navigating through the website.

WordPress sites are easy to customise to your needs

If you need a website that you can personalise easily, WordPress could be the best solution when working with a Marketing company Hobart. The site builder allows users to customise your site by providing different themes and plugins for the site. Additionally, WordPress will regularly adapt to your needs and trends. Therefore, the website grows as your company grows.

The site builder also provides the user with a built-in blog feature that is easy to use and provides you with other features, including displaying recent blogs, allowing people to comment, and sharing content on other social media platforms. Our Digital Marketing consultant Hobart and Web Care Team can provide the relevant advice to you regarding WordPress for your website.

Ever since the advent of smartphones, accessing the internet has become easier. People can browse the web standing on bus stands right from a device that fits in their palms. More so, people prefer using their smartphones to access social media, e-commerce websites, blogs, etc. Laptops and PCs are now mostly used for professional tasks or when someone is at home.

This shift where more people have moved to the smartphone calls for Digital marketing strategies to focus on mobile responsiveness, this is something we focus on as a Digital Marketing agency Hobart. Many online businesses lose out on potential sales because their websites do not respond well to smartphones. At the same time, these same websites may perform incredibly on PCs and laptops. However, a good chunk of the market will be accessing the website on their smartphones, and if it fails to respond well, the business will suffer losses and might not even recognise it.

Just as page load speeds and SEO rankings have to be optimised for computers and PC, a website also has to be optimised in a similar manner for mobile. The mobile version of the websites needs to have the perfect layout, so everything is clearly visible. The web navigation needs to be straightforward so that the user does not get confused.

The more convenience you provide to the user, the happier they will be. One way to achieve this is by making the checkout process on mobiles as simple as possible. Digital marketing experts have to focus on small details that ensure the website is working on its true potential on both platforms, including the mobile version and the browser version. Together they can bring in leads and conversions that can boost business growth.

Your ability to appear on Google can, depending on your industry,  make or break your business. As 93% of all searches begin on Google, the importance of being visible simply cannot be undermined. By being present at the time when a potential consumer is looking to make a purchase, you receive a greater number of conversions as a direct result. As Google is one of the most popular tools on the internet, use it to your advantage and ensure you’re visible by investing in working with an experienced Digital Marketing agency Hobart.

When you begin to show on search engines, you are enabled to receive a better return on investment, access actionable data, boost your credibility, create brand awareness, and attract relevant users. Our Digital Marketing consultant Hobart uses two ways to increase your visibility on Google, either through SEO or PPC. Depending on your goals and budget one service may suit you better. Feel free to discuss your needs with our specialists and we’ll let you know what tools are better aligned with your requirements for your Online Marketing Hobart.

SEO is extremely powerful and directs high-volume organic traffic to your website. It can take time to achieve organic results. We’ll first choose the search terms or keywords you’d like to target and invest time into developing the on and off-page SEO. After this is developed and your rankings increase it can become transformational. As consumers are actively searching for your product or service, this is highly relevant traffic converts. 

PPC is Pay Per Click and is most prominently executed through Google AdWords. This type of advertising promotes your business instantly, to the top of page one, where users are looking for your product or service. This differs from SEO in that payment is required per click on your site and additionally, once your stop paying for advertisement, you are instantly removed from results for Digital Marketing Hobart.

Marketing Sweet has a dedicated Customer Satisfaction team who will guide you through your campaign whether that be for SEO, PPC or a website project. We are excited about producing Online Marketing Hobart results for your business by boosting your online presence and maximising sales to help you flourish and grow.

We have the experience working with a vast array of clients across a range of different industries which can be seen in our ever-growing portfolio for both SEO, PPC and web design. When you trust our team with your website, our Customer Satisfaction team will hold your hand from start to finish ensuring your journey with our Digital Marketing consultant Hobart is enjoyable. We take care of it all, we will be your main point of contact, working with you to produce content for your website that is both relevant and insightful for the reader. The possibilities are endless and we cannot wait to achieve great results as a team.

With SEO and PPC we assess and monitor your campaigns using Agency Analytics and Opteo weekly and monthly. Agency Analytics allows us to view metrics such as website traffic, conversions and rankings, whereas Opteo is used for PPC, showcasing recommendations to best optimise your Ads by following patterns in your campaign.

Each month our Customer Satisfaction Team conducts monthly reporting for both SEO and PPC where you will hear from us regarding the process of your campaign followed by a phone call to discuss any questions that you might have. Our Marketing company Hobart is passionate about building lasting relationships with our clients which is why we make sure to touch base with you frequently to make sure you are happy with your campaign. We are transparent with our clients, keeping you up to date on the work we have completed which is outlined in the monthly report. 

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To provide an outstanding experience, centered around reliability for all of our clients.

This starts by offering our strong industry knowledge, communication, collaboration, integrity & ongoing support. 

We are also committed to being creative, generous & providing an enjoyable experience.

Above all, we care about our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most effective marketing company and to create positivity & transform lives globally. This starts by inspiring, nurturing & cultivating a positive company culture, being client-centric, and supporting charities and the community.

We are committed to improving the way marketing services are offered & increasing the accessibility of these services to all businesses.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to revolutionise the way marketing services are delivered, by offering the highest level of customer service to make marketing decisions & implementation easy for business owners, both locally in Australia & across the globe.




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We specialise in renovating
existing websites

We specialise in
renovating existing websites

From outdated to spectacular, it doesn’t matter how it’s built, let us see what we can do.

From outdated to spectacular, it doesn’t matter how it’s built, let us see what we can do.

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Mind Blowing Reputation

We have 100’s of reviews because our
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We are big on communication &
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Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Incredible Results

3 Reasons Why We Are The pay per click (ppc) experts

Mind Blowing Reputation

We have 100’s of reviews because our clients love our work.

No Lock-In Contracts

You can have confidence & peace of mind with no fixed term contracts.

Outstanding Communication

We are big on communication & keeping you in the loop.

3 Reasons Why We Should Be Your
Hobart Digital Marketing Company

Help Establish Your
Marketing Strategy

A clear mindset on where you need to go, and how to get there, will increase your chance for success.

How To Find Your

We’ll show you how to build a group of motivated buyers on your marketing platforms.

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To Use

From the advertising platforms to content creation tools & reporting, we’ll step you through it all.

Why Our Hobart Digital Marketing Company Could Be Perfect For You

Help choosing the right advertising platform that’s proven to grow sales

Personalised training from an industry expert on how to actually use advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

A mentor to guide you in the right direction and help create innovative marketing strategies tailored to your business & target market

Help in finding where your customers are hiding, waiting for you to sell to them

Help reducing advertising spend wastage in your marketing to increase your profit margin

Industry tips & hacks to elevate the effectiveness of their advertising ROI

How to turn data from hard-to-read numbers into a money-making tool

Wanting to lean on the experience an Australian business owner who took a business from $0 to $140m revenue

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Understand Your Business

Understand what your marketing problems are, and how we can help fix them

Preliminary research into your industry, target market & competitors

Step 2: Proposal

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Analyse your target market & competitors in greater depth

Provide solutions to your existing marketing problems

Develop a strategy to present

Create a comprehensive presentation


Present data in a collaborative consultation

Present marketing ideas and strategy

Q&A session, answering your marketing-related questions

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