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The internet has become part of our daily life. We use it for researching, shopping, and looking for entertainment. People use search engines like Google and Bing to find what they want. Search engines take several factors into account to provide you with the best search results. One of these factors is keywords. In Search Engines Optimization (SEO), keywords are phrases or words that help search engines identify the topics covered by your content. Algorithms analyse the keywords that users use in their queries and the terms in your content. This analysis helps algorithms to match the user with the content that will best meet their needs.

Keywords are essential for several reasons. They are the connection between what users want and the content you provide to fill that need. Your objective is to get your website to rank high on search engines and drive traffic to your site. Among other things in your content, the keywords you choose will determine the kind of traffic you get.

Keywords are more about your audience than they are about your content. You may describe what you offer differently from how some people ask for the same thing. As such, you must begin by understanding your audience, their needs, the content they seek, and the language they use. You can achieve this by talking to your audience through forums and community groups. You can also research keywords on the internet through tools like Google Research tool, Keyword Explorer, and others.

Keywords also help search engines find your business and the terms, topics, and content that will be relevant to searchers. If search engines are to find your business, you have to use the right keywords in your content, including your business website, blogs, newsletter, and even social media.

SEMRush is a software we use at Marketing Sweet, this software helps us identify your competitors and everything there is to know about them, whether it is their advertising strategy, the keywords they use for both SEM and SEO, backlinks, or their authority score.

SEMRush is a key tool we use when it comes to running our client’s Google Ad campaigns. It provides us all the information that gives our clients the best chance for a successful ad campaign. We research who your competitors are and what they are doing with their paid ads, this can involve what strategy they are using and what top paid keywords they are using. Knowing what your competitors are doing gives great insight into who they are targeting, so you know how you also need to get in front of those people.

The Marketing Sweet Adwords consultant Sydney can identify your competitor’s traffic cost and how much traffic they get visiting their website, in addition to the keywords. This gives us a great insight into what needs to be implemented, so your Google Ads Sydney rank higher than your competitors.

SEMRush shows what keywords competitors are using, this allows the Adwords consultant Sydney to find new keywords for campaigns, and add them during a client’s campaign. We want you to get the most out of your PPC Sydney investment. We will ensure that all the important keywords are added to your campaign, to reach as many people when they search a particular keyword.

Here at Marketing Sweet, the Adwords consultant Sydney have the tools to be able to help our clients every day with their Google Ads. Before investing in PPC Sydney you want to be educated on what your competitors are doing, so let us help you improve your Google Adwords and make your business stand out from the crowd.

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is an incredible service from Google that provides valuable information about your site and its visitors. The service is entirely free and can be used to figure out stats for things like the number of people visiting your website, how many people visit your site on their mobile or laptop, and which of your web pages are doing the best. You can also use it to figure out any issues on the website and fix them promptly.

Now, combining this incredible service with Google AdWords Sydney can be highly beneficial. Linking these two incredible platforms will over you insights into the performance of your organic and paid keywords. In this way, you will be able to figure out how much value the organic and paid keywords are bringing in.

These insights prove to be incredible for SEO campaigns and PPC Sydney advertisers as it opens them to new opportunities. The report very simply and clearly shows which areas are being dominated by organic keywords and which are dominated by paid keywords. As a result, you can improve your resource allocation by introducing organic words where necessary and paid words where it deems fit.

Google itself recommends that you use both platforms together in order to get the most value for your time, effort, and money. Once you know which pages are doing organically better and what triggers the better performance, you will be able to allocate more resources to other pages in the right and more effective manner. You will also be spending more efficiently when bidding on the paid Google AdWords Sydney. More importantly, you might also see that you have invested in AdWords for a page that is already doing great organically.

Do not underestimate the importance of good load speed when it comes to your website. When you are searching for something on Google if a page is taking too long to load, you probably just go back and choose another website to look at. Did you know that conversions fall by 12% with every extra second a page takes to load? This is why it is essential to ensure that your website has a good load speed time to make sure you are gaining as many conversions as possible.

When someone goes onto your website and then leaves straight away, this will increase your bounce rate percentage. The aim is to have a low bounce rate as you want people to look through your website and explore more pages.

If your website has a poor load speed, Google will drop the rankings of your website as this will impact the landing page experience for the user. Google wants to provide the best results and experience for the user, so websites with quality content and a good load speed will be more favoured than the ones with poor load speed.

Load speed impacts Google Adwords because if your website is not ranking well due to the load speed, it will affect the success of the ad. Google Ads Sydney run by pay-per-click, so each time someone clicks to go onto your website you will pay. If your website is slow to load, you would have wasted a click when the user hasn’t even explored your page.

The team at Marketing Sweet has the technology and tools to identify your load speed to make sure your Google Adwords are successful. Let our PPC agency Sydney take care of your Google Adwords so can get the conversions you need to further grow your business.

Throughout your Google Adwords Sydney campaign, we measure your progress daily through analysing key metrics and completing continuous AB testing to make educated and evidence-based decisions. This includes monitoring and measuring any movements in your campaign, identifying opportunities and implementing new strategies. The key objective of every Google Ads Sydney campaign is to generate traffic to your website and convert guests into paying customers. Through industry analytical software such as SEMRush, Google Search Console and more, we follow your campaign closely, analyse your competitor Pay-Per-Click (PPC) activity and monitor individual metrics in detail. Some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we monitor are Website Traffic, Web Quality Score, Click-Through Rate, Conversion Rate and Campaign Costs. With this information, we are able to monitor your progress and implement new strategies to continuously improve your campaign. Our PPC agency Sydney want to help you make sales, therefore closely tracking your traffic and conversions are an imperative part of measuring the progress of your campaign. Our Google Adwords team will consistently assess your campaign’s performance and adjust your strategy to improve your KPIs and generate your business sales.

At the end of each month, our team will send you a personalised and detailed report that outlines and explains your progress for the month and gives you an insight into how your campaign is tracking. Through this report, we’ll explain key industry updates, break down your data and show you exactly where your budget is being spent. This allows our PPC agency Sydney to compare your results on a month-to-month basis and understand the strategies that work best for you and your business. So that you’re always informed of your progress, once you’ve received your report our team will get in touch with you to talk you through every element and ensure that you’re confident in your results.

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Our 5 Step PPC Process

Step 1: Plan

Understand your business

Present competitor research

Present preliminary strategy

Present keyword list, search volumes & budget

Step 2: Proposal

Create a strategy & submit your proposal

Step 3: Implement

Finalise strategy

Setup account & marketing campaign

Create Ad content & extensions 

Select target audience & locations

Step 4: Report

Generate report & analyse

Contact the client to discuss report

Adjust the strategy

Step 5: Communicate & Optimise

Continue communication with the client whenever required

  Increase click through rate

Focus on the campaign for better conversion

We love Pay Per Click (PPC)

We know how to:

Select the right keywords to target the right type of audience to generate leads.

Understand your offering, build a campaign to communicate your message & deliver results fast.

Get your target audience to click on your Ads to convert to leads

Work collaboratively with you to ensure we achieve the best return on your investment.

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