At Marketing Sweet, we ensure that your website offers exceptional user experience that responds to ever-changing consumer behaviour. Whether your potential consumer is browsing on their mobile device, tablet or laptop, we will ensure that your design layout is adjusted to suit each device exceptionally. Our technical experts establish how the website fits different devices, to then make any corrections and adjustments that are required. This ensures that the website is viewable, accessible and appealing on every device. If you’d like responsive design for your website, talk to our expert team.

The Process

1. You’ve Decided You’d Like To Optimise Your Website

Have you noticed that your website doesn’t quite look right when browsing on different devices? With 5.27 Billion Mobile Phone Users world-wide, you’d be crazy not to optimise your website for all consumers! This is why you’ve made the right decision to contact our talented team at Marketing Sweet. We understand the importance of driving accessibility for the end consumer and we can make sure that your website looks incredible, on every device. 

2. Our Web Team Considers How It Appears On Different Devices And Screen Sizes

Once you contact our team we will consider how the website looks on all screen sizes. We will brainstorm strategies to ensure that the design looks amazing, and slightly alter this depending on the type of device.

3. The Site Is Optimised In Line With Modern Device Screens

Following brainstorming how to optimise your site, we will implement the design and test to ensure that it works effectively. So don’t worry, your site will be viewed by numerous staff on many devices at the Marketing Sweet office before it’s launched!

4. Your Website Is User Friendly On All Types Of Devices

3,2,1… We have take off! Your website is ready to go on all devices and screen sizes! Browse your newly optimised website on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, it’s ready to go! You can now rest assured that all of your valued customers can now use your site, on whichever device they prefer.

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