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What Makes The Best Social Media Company?

Facebook Is An Incredible Advertising Opportunity For Your Business

Facebook has 16 Million users in Australia, this is 60% of Australia’s population. We research your target market to calculate your total pool of potential new clients. Using Facebook as a marketing strategy you can specifically target your potential clients based on age, gender, location.

At Marketing Sweet, our goal is to uncover and define the brilliance of your business and then present the right message to your potential clients on Facebook. We use a specific content strategy which uses an engaging material, aligned with your key messages that will resonate with your target market.

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Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney

So, Why Use Social Media to Market Your Business?

Social media is all about interaction and building rapport with your intended audience. A social media marketing agency Sydney will help you identify which methods and processes will accumulate the best results. A successful campaign can increase your website traffic, build conversions, raise brand awareness, and help you establish a strong identity. The more your audience develops, the more success you’ll have with other marketing campaigns along the way! Firstly, we have to identify which social media platforms are suited to your business. We have to think about where the majority of people would look for your specific services. Our team can manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and more. We discuss your business objectives, and work towards regulating posts and tapping into consumer behaviours. Let our social media marketing agency Sydney point you in the right direction!

What are the benefits of a strong social media presence?

Our social media marketing agency Sydney will take the time to outline the benefits of utilising social media. One of the important factors we take into account is producing content which is consistent with your branding. The imagery, language, style and tone all play a role in subconscious marketing and create lasting impact. It’s also important that people can directly relate to your content and see potential in your offerings. Neuroscience research has found that when our brain identifies an opportunity, it triggers positive emotions which motivates our actions. Your social media engagement can have the same effect on customers. Our educated team will jump on the other side of the screen and analyse your business from the consumer’s perspective. Choose Marketing Sweet to be your social media marketing agency Sydney!

We’re dedicated, consistent, professional, and positive about the future of your business. When it comes to social media, there’s opportunities left right and centre. We’ll help you figure out which path to take and devise a successful campaign from there! We’re the right social media marketing agency Sydney for you.

Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney

Our Process for Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney

  1. Our marketing company will take the time to listen and understand your needs.
  2. All our marketing consultants are qualified and trained professionals who work with you using an easy to understand process. Our process is designed to capture your needs, linking the different marketing options available to you based on your marketing budget.
  3. Through our marketing consultancy process, our research and experience will produce a marketing strategy and presentation to clearly explain how we plan to get you ahead of your competitor.
  4. Once you’re ready to go ahead, you will have a dedicated Project Manager who will guide our in-house production team.

Benefits from using Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney

At Marketing Sweet, we pride ourselves on having an extraordinary team.

  1. Marketing consultants→ to establish a marketing strategy.
  2. Web designers → to build incredible websites so your visitors take the actions you want them to take.
  3. Website developers → to build eCommerce websites, custom integrations and mobile applications to give you the technological edge.
  4. Journalists→ to create, proof read and edit your content.
  5. Social media consultants → to increase awareness and engagement.
  6. SEO experts → to drive the right traffic to your website and increase sales.

What to Expect from Marketing Sweet

We work collaboratively on all projects in-house, which is what makes us the best at what we do. Our large and ever-growing portfolio boasts an array of clients from many industries. We are seriously excited about getting results and have a strong focus on maximising sales with your marketing budget.

Our commitment is to help businesses Dream, Plan and Grow.

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Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney

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