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Marketing Sweet have been leading the way in web development Melbourne since our establishment, working under the innovation and guidance of passionate Director Corie Dawson. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Corie has built the foundation of Marketing Sweet entirely on customer service. We’ve heard some real horror stories from our clients, so we’ve addressed every common pain point to rule out any chance of disappointment. One of the main aspects of our service that sets us apart is the diversity of our team. Every individual brings their own strength to the company, which is what makes the magic happen when we sit down to collaborate. We have highly trained in-house technical developers, web designers, copywriters, and of course the Client Relationship Representatives (CRRs) who create a seamless experience from start to finish. We’re the web development company in Melbourne with an edge!

Your Project Management Team

As mentioned, we assign a dedicated Client Relationship Representative (CRR) and a web developer Melbourne to every client. These two people will sit at the front of your project, while our entire team work collaboratively behind the scenes to offer suggestions and carry out quality control checks. No website goes live until we’re certain that it meets our high standards, and of course, meets the expectations of our clients.

Throughout the process of your build, it’s your CRRs duty to maintain constant communication with the client, collate any images, content or data that will assist our team with the build, and translate any feedback or suggestions you have to the web development Melbourne department to ensure every aspect of your business is reflected the way you want it. We pride ourselves on professionalism and expertise, but that definitely doesn’t draw from the importance of your opinion!

Web Developer Melbourne
Web Developer Melbourne

What a Website Will Do for Your Business

The objective behind a website is to build a digital sales person, which is achieved by creating a concealed process within the website. For example, think of your website as a tender document that showcases all of your capabilities, services, points that set you apart from your competitors, and anything that adds to your credibility as a business. This way, your customers can move through the process you’ve created, checking things of their list as they go until they have enough confidence to follow through with the purchase at the end of their user experience. That’s why our web developer Melbourne will place emphasis on factors like:

  • Structure
  • Ease of navigation
  • Clarity of the content
  • Transition between pages
  • Personalisation

Each of these points will differ significantly from industry to industry, sow e really take the time to learn what your business is all about.

What Happens Once the Website Goes Live?

As part of our standard process, every client receives a website training session from one of the experts from our web development company in Melbourne. Whether it’s swapping out images and text, or editing one of the plugins we’ve integrated to improve the functionality of your website, you’ll leave feeling confident in your ability to use your new website! We also provide resources to use down the track, including screen recordings of your training session. From that point, we offer our clients some advice regarding their ongoing marketing strategy. Unfortunately, website development Melbourne is only one part of the process—because people have to be able to find it amongst the craze online. That’s where SEO & AdWords come in! Fortunately, your website developer Melbourne already gears your website up to perform well in terms of SEO.

Web Developer Melbourne
Web Developer Melbourne

Post Project Support & Advice

As a full-scope website development company in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we have all bases covered when it comes to generating sales for your business. Once you’ve had your training session, we can organise for our Research Team to have a look into your competitors, analyse which keywords are popular within your target market, and plan out a strategy to help improve your Google ranking. 75% of online consumers won’t scroll passed page one of Google, which means you’re losing out on a lot of traffic! Whether you require AdWords or SEO will differ depending on your sales objectives and what kind of product you have to offer, so every strategy is 100% tailored to you. Marketing Sweet also steer clear from lock-in contracts, so you don’t have to stick around if you feel you’re not getting the level of service you signed up for.

What Makes WordPress the Best Choice for your CMS?

A Computer Management System (CMS) is the platform that your website is built on, and our experts in website development Melbourne swear by the performance of WordPress. There’s a number of good reasons for this, with the main one being ease of use. This CMS can be used from any computer, and the multi-access function enables access from both the client, as well as our website developer Melbourne in case there’s any emergencies down the track. Furthermore, every aspect of design can be completely customised using WordPress, so we can stay consistent with your branding to ensure no two websites look the same. There’s no hard coding or HTML editing to complicate things, and as we mentioned, it’s already geared up to help your website gain traction with SEO. If you want to know more about WordPress, a web developer Melbourne from our team would be happy to help!

Web Developer Melbourne

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Our 4 Step Web Design Process

Step 1: Plan

Understand your business

Research your competitors

Develop hand drawn design concept

Step 2: Proposal

Send you a customised website proposal

Step 3: Implement

Finalise website blueprint

Build, design & write the content for you

Present built website & make changes

Optimise your website for all devices & go live

Step 4: Ongoing Free Support

Provide you with website training

Such awesome Technology

So cleverly intuitive

Built ready to tackle SEO

Content Management System

Features an easy to use Drag & Drop functionality

Works on all devices

Optimised to work on all size devices seamlessly


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We are a full-service digital agency, meaning we do it all in-house.
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We have an amazing team culture which is friendly, supportive & collaborative.

We offer advice based on research, evidence & experience

We take the time to understand your business.

We take the time to understand your industry & competitors.

We take our time to explain everything in detail.

We give back to the community

Over the past 12 months we have donated over $50,000 worth of work.

Our Company has supported 9 charities.

We have an undisputable track record

We have 225 reviews on Google & Facebook & growing.

We have over 20 video testimonials for you to watch.

We are a local company working globally

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