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7 Things Your Website May be Missing

We’ve all visited websites that are useless, to put it bluntly. When you click a link, you see an error page.

It’s a miracle that some of these are still up and running with information that’s hard to discover (if it’s even accurate), no clear navigational structure, and just plain awful design.
However, just because your competitors’ web design is wrong, this doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Use these tips to design a website that people will want to visit. Work with a local web designer agency, and bonus points if you can collaborate with someone who has experience designing websites that look great and are easy to navigate.
To provide your consumers with a friendly and usable web experience, take advantage of their flaws and learn from their missteps.
We’ll go through 7 things that every website should have and 6 things that you should get rid of right away.

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7 Things You Must Incorporate Into Your Website:

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1. Up-to-Date Information
Assume you’re visiting a local business that you’ve heard has an excellent reputation. However, their website refers to company events from 2012, the cultural references on the page are from a prior decade, and their phone number hasn’t been updated.

That would be difficult to browse, and you’d probably have a negative image of the company and their web design.

What else is a company doing wrong if they can’t get their own basic facts—like their contact information—correct?

Don’t get caught in this trap. Conduct a frequent audit of each page on your website to ensure that what visitors see is a true reflection of your company today.

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2. Content that Provides Value
Content—or, more accurately, good content—has a lot of clout.

Filling your site with pages and pages of poorly written content that provides no value to users is, to put it bluntly, a waste of effort. Instead, consider what your site’s visitors will truly want to view and make sure you have it.

Consider what would be useful to someone outside of your business when expanding your content—perhaps through manuals or blog entries. Then offer that assistance on a regular basis. This helps you gain Google authority and shows your customers that you care.
Customers are more inclined to trust you, return, and even refer friends and family if you take the time to actually deliver value to them.

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3. Empowering Calls to Action
Will visitors to your website know what to do when they arrive? If you can’t say “yes” right away, visitors are likely to be confused about where to go next.

The following should be your calls to action:

Easy to see. If your website is cluttered, visitors may never notice your CTA buttons in the first place.

Keeping guests guessing is self-explanatory. Make sure they understand precisely what you want them to perform.

Don’t ask for the moon right away; it’s logical. Someone who is still in the research phase is unlikely to call, but they may sign up for a newsletter.

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4. A Page Dedicated to a Single Individual
We live in a world where everything is overproduced. Too many organisations use generic lingo without revealing anything more to their clients.

Customers increasingly appreciate authenticity. Allow your customers to get to know the people behind the brand rather than being just another business talking at them.

Include photos and biographies of the staff, too. Tell us about your company’s history. Describe yourself and why you do what you do.

You may start developing connections that are far more powerful than any mention of “achieving synergy” when you let clients look behind the scenes to understand your story and why you’re in the business you’re in.

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5. Social Acceptance
Users need to know why they should choose you when there are a million and one possibilities for every product or service under the sun.

Finding out what previous clients or customers have said about you is a crucial part of customers’ decision-making process.

Find out what your present and former clients loved about working with you. Then post the info on your website! (We guarantee it’s fine to brag now and again.)

Testimonials will show visitors that you’re not just a real business, but also good at what you do.

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6. Subscription to Email
If you’re on social media, you’re already aware of the value of having a loyal following. But what if one of those sites suddenly vanishes? (It happened to MySpace, after all.)

That’s why it’s critical to own your followers—that is, to be able to communicate with them directly rather than through a third-party platform like Facebook or Instagram. A regular email newsletter is the best way to do this.

But you can’t send a newsletter if you don’t have someone to send it to! Make it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter.

To persuade users to sign up, use an unobtrusive pop-up or slide in when they come to your homepage, or use a fill-in form on popular pages.

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7. Include clear contact information.
A contact form is quite popular on websites; we have one and think it’s pretty useful.

However, if that’s the only way visitors to your site may contact you, you’re doing something wrong.

People don’t always want to wait 24–48 hours for a response, so provide them with a phone number where they can reach you immediately. (Also, double-check that the phone number is active.)

Also, make sure your contact page is easily accessible! It’s good to put it in your top navigation and footer.

How We Can Help

Welcome to Marketing Sweet. We are one of the greatest web designer agencies and are based in Adelaide, Australia. We have helped countless businesses create their online marketing strategy in the form of a beautiful website, and we have the experience to make your business a success.

There are many ways to grow your business, but one of the best is by getting more visitors to view your website. This will lead to more customers who can buy from you, which will make you more money. However, you need to make sure that those who visit your website can easily find the information they need and the services or products that they want. Otherwise, they will leave and look for another website where they can find what they need. This is why having a website that has been designed and built well is very important.

Our company has been designing websites for many years now. Our team of experts know how to build one that customers will love visiting, as well as one that is easy for you to maintain and add content to on a regular basis. When we design websites, we use the latest technology so that you get excellent results every time, and so your website will continue to be effective for many years to come.

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