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Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Web Design Company

A business website is your company’s public face, and with the various available options, hiring the right professional could be a tricky and confusing task. This is because your website should be tailored to represent your business accurately, and your success depends on it. To ensure that your website does the intended job of uplifting your business, the surest way is to hire a reputable, experienced, and professional web design agency to develop a website to do the work.

Before hiring a leading web developer company, you should consider whether they can meet your own company’s unique requirements and the specific goals you want to achieve in the short and long term. Therefore, you should take your time and thoroughly research if the company possesses the characteristics you desire for your business to thrive and if they have the expertise and variety of services for your business’ web design needs.

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Don't just look for the positive signs. Keep an eye open for what you don't want in a web design agency!

Checking Your Website User Experience and How You Can Improve It

User experience (UX) can be defined as your website’s look, feel, and usability. When the user experience is poor, people will be disappointed with your website and no one will get in touch for a product or service your business provides. When you are experiencing poor user experience on your website, what you require is hard data to fix the issues and ensure that if there are any issues with your web design, they are promptly resolved by a professional web designer. Here is a checklist of what you should do to understand the user experience of your website.

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Run a Survey
You should run a number of surveys on your website and ask a couple of questions to the users; by so doing, and you will get feedback on what the users don’t like about your website.

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Check the speed of your website
With the current technological advancement, people believe in the fast-paced way of doing things, and they understand that time is money. Whether it is a couple of seconds or a few minutes, most users would not want to wait around. They prefer to click away to another website. To determine the speed of your website, you can use speed checkers such as google by keying in your URL and checking whether it’s loading fast or slow.

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Go to
You can use the free or paid version to determine how different users engage with your website. You can track the user’s movement on this platform, like how they scroll through your website, how long they stay on some aspects of your website, and when they leave your website.

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Use Google Tag Manager
Here, you can track the clicks on your website, figure out where people are clicking to get to your business and determine whether they are concerned with your CTA.

After understanding your website’s user experience, it is time to improve the challenges you have already identified. You can achieve this through;
Tick Auditing your content layout
Tick Check and improve your CTA
Tick Updating your blog content

What Should You Avoid When Hiring a Web Design Company?

For the success of your business online, there is a need to avoid common pitfalls as a business owner that are accompanied by hiring the wrong web designer. Here are the costly mistakes that you should avoid and what you should do instead:

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Paying too little or too much
Some web design companies offer the lowest price for their service, which should make you question the quality. The quote ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is the most applicable for website building. There is a huge difference between paying too much and paying too little. Unlike spending too much, you lose money; paying too little is worse because you risk losing everything. Paying too little means that the thing you bought does not serve the intended purpose. When you invest in a well-established company, you can rest assured that your company’s reputation, authority, and sales will rise in the long run. Sometimes, however, the high cost may not guarantee quality services. When hiring a web designer, the first point of guidance should be a focus on the things you want your site to achieve. It may not be possible to do everything immediately, so it is advisable to start by launching your site with content you want to pass to the audience. 

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Going with the face value
Good looks are sometimes deceiving, especially because they can hide their ugly side. As such, you should focus on a more responsive website that can adapt to the devices that are being displayed. Internet users get easily annoyed and frustrated, thus opting out of your website when they only see a part of your site and cannot access the others. This mistake can be costly in that the customer will prefer opening a competitor’s site rather than remaining on your website. According to Google’s search statistics, searches on mobile devices are currently more popular than desktop, which means that it is essential to make your website responsive on various platforms.

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Not considering your website’s future maintenance
After creating your desired website, some business owners forget that it cannot run itself, requiring regular maintenance and updating. A top web developer company should work with a content management system with additional specialist skills incorporated in the process in cases of complex projects. You can rely on the team at Marketing Sweet for a user-friendly WordPress website and amazing plug-ins, ensuring that you can add other meticulous features without building again from scratch.

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More than just a web designer
When hiring, it is essential to consider an expert who knows about more than just web designing. Well-designed and created websites can integrate social media, optimise the website, and make it prominent in the searches. Most companies achieve high traffic from both the people they know and by achieving impressive SEO and regularly updating the website with relevant content in Google’s search engine. The best web designer digital marketing agency should be able to include such aspects as SEO for your higher ranking in Google, ensuring that you can compete effectively with competitors.

How Marketing Sweet Can Help

Like any other investment, web design is also essential; hence it is worth the considerable amount of time you need to put into finding the right company. Although it might take time to get the right expert to design your website, it will eventually pay off with the collaboration of the right company to help you reach your goals.

You should be very clear on what you want to achieve in your business, how you want people to interact with your business, and what you want them to do when they are already at your website.

At Marketing Sweet, we can get the job done with assurance of the highest returns and the ultimate growth of your business. We are dedicated to offering your business a competitive edge by ultimately optimising your website for mainstream desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. One thing about the Marketing Sweet team is that they understand the importance of a visually attractive website to the audience and your business. Their reputation is unquestionably attested by the number of reviews on Google and Facebook about the quality of services.

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At Marketing Sweet, we ensure that you will leave us with a beautiful website that operates as a business plan.

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