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Important Questions You Need to Ask Your Web Designer Before Hiring Them

A website overhaul is such a huge job. Even if you’re not the one building it, it can still be overwhelming. That’s why it’s necessary to find an expert you can collaborate with and someone who can guide you through this tedious process.

You may find a significant number of web design companies who claim to construct websites that will drive traffic and produce leads with a simple search, but how can you be sure they do? Whether your firm wants to start from scratch or redesign an existing website, the web company you choose will have a significant impact on its performance. This is why it’s critical to ask the correct questions of your potential agencies during the selection process.

View your search as a screening process, and evaluate your options carefully and exhaustively to look for a company that can help you reach your goals. You’ll need to ask the right questions during this stage.

web designer drawing on a drawing pad
Asking the right questions will help you determine which web designer to hire.

The Things to Ask About the Planning Stage of Your Website

When you’re ready to start planning your website, there are a few key questions you should ask your web designer. By getting clear answers to these questions, you can be sure that your website will be planned and built in the most effective way possible.

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What kind of research will you perform for our business?
Behind a successful website is extensive research on the industry your company belongs to. This happens prior to the start of the design concept. The importance of partnering with the best web developer Adelaide team that understands your business, market, and customers is critical to the success of your website, so don’t skip this first step. Your developer should undertake keyword research for deep insight before even considering building a website layout.

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Are all your staff in-house or do you outsource some of the work?
Some agencies mention web design and development as part of their services when in truth, they only outsource this major task. This can lead to problems with communication, and project delay. 

If the company intends to outsource your project entirely, it’s critical to know who they’ll be working with and what they’ll be working on.

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How long will the whole project take?
You have targets to meet, so the web design company should respect your schedule. The length of a website project varies depending on the tasks covered per project. It’s always better to clear the scheduling with your potential web designer.

Faster doesn’t always mean better. Check the output they can provide you on a given timeline.

What to Ask During and After Development

It’s important to ask the right questions about what the development process looks like to ensure that your website is exactly what you want it to be. Maintenance and website updates are part of the deal, so it’s important to ask about the post-creation phase as well.

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Do you hard code the design or use a template?
Depending on your requirements and goals, web design companies may offer both custom and template websites, but you’ll want to understand the differences prior to finalising your decision. While a template website is a low-cost choice, it may harm your organisation in the long term. They’re designed to work with any type of website, therefore there’s a lot of unnecessary code that might hurt your SEO and slow down your website.

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What is your content management system (CMS)?
Inquire if your prospective web developer uses an open-source CMS such as WordPress or Drupal, or if they create their own. 

A custom CMS will frequently deny access to source code, limiting your ability to edit on your own. If you decide to add more features to the CMS, you might get charged a hefty fee. Other companies might even deny your request.

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How tight is your website security?
Security and maintenance are essential components for some businesses. This is especially true for eCommerce websites. To avoid managing the process internally, some people choose to have their website hosted by their web provider. It’s critical for your company to thoroughly comprehend the security measures that will be implemented to prevent intrusions.

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Do I own the website once it’s live?
It’s important to determine whether the domain name will be registered under your name or if the web developer will ask you to host your website on their servers. Also, enquire about getting all source files, access to your hosting account, and back-end administration. Ask whether your potential web design company will need you to sign a lock-in contract to keep your website up and running.

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Will I be given access to the CMS to perform content updates on my own?
Many business owners discover that they can’t make revisions without contacting their developer. This is a problem when one of the most important aspects of a website’s success is making timely and appropriate updates. Gather as much information as possible on your website’s ability to add or remove pages, update the footer, or include videos after it goes live.

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What services can you provide after the launch of my website?
The services you receive will depend on the packages offered by the web design agency. Others will provide training on how you can update your website content. There are companies that deliver ongoing SEO on-page and off-page services. Ask your potential web designers and compare their offers.

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