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The Effects of Poor Web Design

Wondering how to drive more profit into your business? Then you might need to take a closer look at your web presence. Relying on social media platforms pretty much leaves your business with a lot of unopened doors for opportunities.

So, regardless of what market, product or industry you are in, having a website is a must – but not just any website. It has to reflect your brand as trustworthy and as well-represented as it can be to ensure you’re maximising your business’ potential. Otherwise, lack thereof can have the opposite effect, creating exponential damage that could harm your brand in the long run.

This leads you to the obvious question: how do you make sure you have a great web design? One thing is for sure, it’s no easy feat to achieve and would most likely require a team of experts to guarantee success. So to help you, we have listed down tips that can act as your comprehensive guideline to assure you get the website your brand deserves.

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Don't underestimate the effects of poor website design!

How an Expert Web Designer Can Help Your Brand

The importance of having a reliable web design is recognised by businesses, yet, a lot of them still seem to struggle to justify the expense that comes along. If you’re one of them, here are some of the reasons to help you understand how we can help:

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You can focus on running the business
Oftentimes, business owners have this overflowing entrepreneurial energy making them think that they can handle everything for their brand. While this can be true, especially for small business owners, letting someone take over your website allows you to have time to focus on running and building your empire.

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From user interface to experience to content, an elite web developer firm and it’s designers will not miss a detail to ensure your page is well-optimised in generating traffic and sales.

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Since business owners spend most of their time cultivating the brand, there are high chances of losing key factors in maintaining trust in your target market.

Common Web Design Mistakes and How It Affects Your Brand

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Your website is too cluttered
If you want to create a professional and trustworthy relationship with your audience, your web page has to be concise and compelling. Generally, homepages have to present the most valuable information while looking visually attractive.

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The interface is not user-friendly
When it comes to navigating your website, your target market expects nothing less. From adapting to any screen effortlessly to having useful information that is easy to find and easy to scan. In fact, in a recent survey performed by Hubspot, more than 75% of respondents claimed that the most significant feature of a website is its simplicity of use.

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Neglecting content issues
Your website’s content is one of the most important factors in driving more users to your website. High-quality content generates more SEO results, and this can boost conversion rates. For this reason, you have to make sure that you tick the following:

Tick Your company blog actually exists and is regularly updated.
Tick Make sure the content is relevant to your product or service.
Tick Make sure to have a proper format for the content.

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Less or too many flashy elements
Animations can add a professional and unique look to your website. However, they can also come across as a gimmick and perhaps make navigation more challenging. Aside from that, large files (videos, animations, and large images) can cause your site to load slowly. According to an Adobe survey, approximately 40% of consumers will abandon a website if the graphics take too long to load.

It may also apply “splash pages,” which do nothing but increase your page’s bounce rate. People are more inclined to depart if they can’t get what they want soon enough.

The Bad Effects

After tackling the potential problems with your website, you might be thinking what is the real impact on your business. While it’s difficult to measure how much money you’re going to lose because of unhappy visitors, a bad website will:

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Question your credibility
If you are a serious company, but your website is cluttered with animation, stock imagery, and other virtual clutter, you are not communicating a professional message.

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Make you appear out of touch
A website that isn’t updated on a regular basis does more than just harm your SEO. It also sends a message to your customers that you are out of touch with technology, or worse, that you don’t care enough to keep it up to date. This scares away potential consumers that could have helped drive profit and visibility.

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Push visitors away
Most likely, you won’t see customers return to your website if they leave in irritation due to broken links, complicated forms, or too much navigation. Your loss is their gain if your competition offers the same services in a user-friendly website design.

Let Marketing Sweet Turn The Tables For You

After reading the information above, you may already have decided whether you have a bad website or not. If you think you could improve it, you don’t have to feel frustrated but instead, take it as a time to act. After all, your website serves as the first impression for your audience and elevating it will surely provide you with the improved results you’ve been trying to gain.

Whether you want a website makeover by the top web designer digital agency or just simply want to update your page, we are the team for you. We proudly offer a range of marketing services that have led to countless satisfactory results. Highly enthusiastic and goal-driven, our premier web development company endeavours to provide you with outstanding service that will offer you long term results and help boost your brand.

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