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To be the ultimate SEO & web design company delivering page 1 rankings & incredible, unrivalled customer experience

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We are the page 1 people

There are 649 companies nationally who provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. 

3 of those are considered Masters in SEO.

We’re one of them.

Did You Know... Search Engines generate 300% more traffic for websites than social media does.

Search Engines and Social Media are two of the main traffic sources for websites. While the goal of both is the same, the rate of success between them is worlds apart. Not every business has the resources to focus on both channels, with business owners always left wondering which one is the best. The short answer: search engines generate 300% more traffic for websites than social media does. 

SEO Melbourne targets customers based on what they search for on Google. They make a search based on what they want or needand rely on Google to provide them with the best possible answers in the form of results. Google will reward businesses whose websites contain information relevant to the consumer’s searchAs a business, you need to know what your customers are searching to find you, and more importantly, what they are searching to find your competitors. This will ultimately guide our SEO consultants Melbourne strategy, by ensuring you are targeting search terms with high volume and purchase intent.  

The right SEO services Melbourne lead to high-ranking campaigns that can ultimately increase your website visibility, thus traffic and conversions. Our SEO expert Melbourne will get your SEO right, allowing you to successfully drive a passive search traffic source.  

Think about your own habits as a consumer. If you needed an emergency plumber, you wouldn’t turn to Facebook to search for one. If you needed legal representation, you wouldn’t wait for a sponsored ad to hit your social media before making a call. We rely on Google for our purchasing habits more than we realise. That’s what makes SEO such an imperative practice for all businesses wishing to generate more business through their website.  

With all of this in mind, like with emergency plumbing situations, you should leave SEO to the professionals at Marketing Sweet 

How important is content to the overall success of my SEO?

While the success of SEO services Melbourne depends on so many factors, one of the most important ones is content. Content comes in a variety of forms. It can be in the form of images, text, video, audio, or even presentations. Whatever content form you decide to use for SEO, your primary goal is to ensure that you inform, engage, and solicit an emotion. 

To achieve success in SEO Melbourne, you’ll need to understand what readers want to understand/learn first when searching for a particular topic. Once you know what answers they are looking for, it’s up to you to optimise your content to fit those needs. That way, you’ll attract organic traffic and eventually lead to your content ranking on search engines. Remember that high-quality content is trustworthy to potential customers, as well as the search engine.

Good quality content should highlight the key selling points of your business. It will enable you to describe what your business is about, and ultimately why a customer should spend their money with you opposed to one of your competitors. Providing potential customers with content that is tailored by our SEO expert Melbourne, we will ensure that their key queries are answered based on what they type into Google. Through performing thorough keyword research, we can isolate the words that people are typing in to find your websites, and your competitors. Thus, giving us a much more informed strategy when it comes to writing content to satisfy the needs of your customers.

If you have quality content on your website, there’s a much higher chance of people spending more time on it. Quality content will entice them to either learn more about your business through visiting more pages. However, if you sell yourself well enough on the first page they land on, they may not need to look any further! You have just 6-9 seconds to make an impression on your customers, so it is crucial that you make it count using quality content with a reputable SEO company Melbourne.

What is Google Search Console and how do we use it for SEO?

Google Search Console is software that we use for several areas of our SEO services Melbourne. It is a free service offered by Google which helps us to maintain, monitor and troubleshoot your website’s presence in Google’s search results. The page building process is an important part of our SEO campaign for our clients. Once the pages first go live, we use Google Search Console to ‘crawl’ the pages, which essentially notifies Google that they exist to speed up the process. We use it for our technical work, site audits and site fixes, allowing us to understand and improve how Google sees your website.  

Google Search Console can assist with a range of areas including fixing indexing problems, viewing traffic data, receiving alerts and troubleshooting issues, just to name a few. As SEO consultants Melbourne, Google Search Console allows us to monitor website traffic, optimise our client’s rankings and make educated decisions regarding your website’s search results.  

A sitemap can also improve your website’s crawlability, and although it isn’t necessary to rank in Google search results, your website must be correctly organised in a logical order. There are, however several reasons why a sitemap will improve your website’s crawlability. Firstly, if it is a large website, this will make it easier for Google to miss any potential changes. If the website has few inbound links from other pages this can also make it difficult to crawl, especially if they are a newer website. Quality website content is becoming increasingly favourable by Google and therefore it can also assist with ranking your website higher in search results. 

What is the importance of good Website Usability for SEO?

SEO Melbourne and website usability work hand in hand. They both have the same goal, which is to increase user traffic and engagement on your website. The importance of a positive user experience cannot be stressed enough. When looking at the website from a behaviour standpoint, user experience can be measured by the length of time someone stays on your site, and how inclined they are to venture beyond the page they landed on  

A good user experience results in increased conversion rates. However, in order for someone to have a good experience on your website, they must first be able to find you. Hence, website visibility through SEO is just as important as website usability.  

When you think of a website that is ‘usable’, you probably think of one that is easy to navigate around. All too often we see websites with ‘wormhole’ navigations, where you have you make 10 clicks to arrive at the final destination. Improving your website’s navigation will ensure your paying customers stay on your website for longer once they arrive. It will also assist Google in understanding the focusses of your website’s pages, allowing it to read and index content more effectively.  

Another key consideration in website usability is making the website fast. A slow load time will ultimately lead to people exiting the website as quickly as they entered, or at the very least, ‘bouncing’ after only viewing one page. Website load time is just as important for your paying customers as it is for Google.  

Bounce rate refers to the rate at which users leave your website without interacting with it. If this percentage is high, it means there is room for improvement on your website. A low bounce rate implies that your website is performing well in relation to usability, which sets a positive foundation for your SEO campaign.  

Like SEO, the effects of good user experience are also long-term, as they will keep the user coming back. This is because they view you as a reliable source with the ability to provide them with what they need. It is important to understand that driving people to your website through an SEO company Melbourne is one thing, but keeping them on your website and converting them into a paying customer is another.  

Who is involved in the SEO campaign?

When constructing a new SEO campaign, our team work collaboratively to ensure we can produce quality results as a leading SEO company Melbourne. From the initial research process through to ongoing management and monthly work, we work hard to ensure we are continually seeing progress and providing the ultimate level of customer service.

The initial stages begin with our SEO expert Melbourne, where they invest significant time in deep-diving your competitors. For this, they use a platform called SEMRush, which is an all-in-one tool that showcases how your business’ online visibility can be improved, while simultaneously discovering what keywords are driving traffic (and thus $) to your competitors.

Our SEO consultants Melbourne will then sit down with you, the business owner, to refine the list of keywords based on what you most want to target through your SEO campaign. This is followed by a phone call with a member of our Customer Satisfaction Team. The purpose of this call is to find out more about you and your business to ensure that the content we create as part of the page building stage is completely unique to Google, and valuable for the end reader.

Our team of incredible Copywriters will then craft SEO friendly content, with the aim of pleasing the end reader, as well as Google’s algorithm. As this content ultimately serves two purposes, it requires a very specific skillset and expertise to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. The content will be curated around the list of keywords approved by you, following careful selection by our Research Team.

Once the pages are written, our Web Care Team graphically design and build the dedicated pages on your website, while incorporating existing elements such as reviews, images and service tiles. Each month, our team also conducts monthly site audits to ensure your website is running efficiently.

On an ongoing basis, you will have regular contact with our Customer Satisfaction Team who sit directly alongside our SEO Scientist. Meetings are held every single morning – without fail – to discuss campaigns that are killing it, flag those that may require additional resources, and strategise around Google algorithm updates.

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Our 5 Step SEO Process

Step 1: Plan

Understand Your Business

Present competitor research

Present preliminary strategy

Present keyword list & search volumes

Step 2: Proposal

Create a strategy & submit your proposal

Step 3: Implement

Finalise strategy

Optimise backend

Build pages, create content, add images & crawl

Step 4: Report

Generate report & analyse

Contact the create to discuss report

Adjust the strategy

Step 5: Communicate & Optimise

Continue communication with the client whenever required

Focus on growing positions & rankings

Focus on increasing traffic volume

Such Awesome SEO Melbourne

Optimised Back End

We tell Google what the page is about through the backend

Graphic Design

We build a page with the perfect structure that Google loves

Content Focused On Your Keyword

We actually professionally write your content

Mobile Responsive

We ensure your website is mobile friendly and works on all devices

Call to Actions

We focus on making it clear how to contact your business

Optimised Front End

We ensure the front end has all the right keywords in the right places

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