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You have typed in Digital Marketing Company Melbourne into Google because you are probably seeking an innovative local Marketing Company that knows how to write compelling content and knows SEO like the back of their hand. We got on Page 1 of Google and got your attention, and we can do the same for you!

digital marketing melbourne

Have you looked into creating a strategy for your digital marketing Melbourne? Well, more than a third of people worldwide access social media on a daily basis, and over 90% of consumers will refer to search engines to source information about a product or service they’re interested in. So, what this tells us is that it’s absolutely essential to have a strong online presence!

Marketing Sweet specialises in the full scope of digital marketing Melbourne services to accommodate the diverse needs of our clientele. Google marketing is one area in particular that has become essential to business growth. Using SEO and AdWords, we help you create effective short and long-term solutions to help you meet your sales objectives. We analyse your target market, look into your competitors and use keyword research to dig up data that will enable us to generate the best results for your business.

At our digital marketing agency Melbourne, we also specialise in creating stunning websites that are designed to create a positive user experience. This means that your website must be simple to navigate, functional, accessible from all devices and visually engaging to hold the attention of your audience. We have a team of specialists who work collaboratively behind the scenes to tick all of these boxes.

Your project will be allocated to a dedicated Client Relationship Representative, who will take it upon themselves to carry out extensive research into your industry. They work closely with you to ensure your business is reflected in the most professional light while capturing your unique value propositions.

Your website is the foundation of all your digital marketing efforts, so it’s important that it does your business justice! Work with Marketing Sweet to create an effective digital marketing Melbourne strategy for your business today.

Look No Further Than Marketing Sweet!

When you choose Marketing Sweet for Digital Marketing Company Melbourne, you are gaining access to the absolute best in the business. We have what it takes to make you stand out from the small business crowd, no matter what your industry!

We are the link between your website and sales.

Our Process to Create a Strategy For Your Digital Marketing Melbourne

  1. Our marketing company will take the time to listen and understand your needs.
  2. All our marketing consultants are qualified and trained professionals who work with you using an easy to understand the process. Our process is designed to capture your needs, linking the different marketing options available to you based on your marketing budget.
  3. Through our marketing consultancy process, our research and experience will produce a marketing strategy and presentation to clearly explain how we plan to get you ahead of your competitor.
  4. Once you’re ready to go ahead, you will have a dedicated Project Manager who will guide our in-house production team.

Benefits of Using Our Digital Marketing Company Melbourne

At Marketing Sweet, we pride ourselves on having an extraordinary team.

  1. Marketing consultants→ to establish a marketing strategy.
  2. Web designers → to build incredible websites so your visitors take the actions you want them to take.
  3. Website developers → to build eCommerce websites, custom integrations and mobile applications to give you the technological edge.
  4. Journalists→ to create, proof read and edit your content.
  5. Social media consultants → to increase awareness and engagement.
  6. SEO experts → to drive the right traffic to your website and increase sales.

What to Expect from Marketing Sweet

We work collaboratively on all projects in-house, which is what makes us the best at what we do. Our large and ever-growing portfolio boasts an array of clients from many industries. We are seriously excited about getting results and have a strong focus on maximising sales with your marketing budget.

Our commitment is to help businesses Dream, Plan and Grow.

Contact us today.


Our Brand Promise

To be the ultimate SEO & web design company delivering page 1 rankings & incredible, unrivalled customer experience

The Digital Marketing Company that Cares

Do you need help with your online marketing, but don’t know who to turn to?

It is critical that you choose a reliable company that you can trust with your SEO, Web Design, or Google Ads.

Customer service is at the heart of our business – call our incredible team today.

digital marketing melbourne

Local search results occur when users search for a place, business, or product near their location. Users will be able to find results in Maps and additionally in the search results. For example, if you search for ‘hairdresser” in Google, you’ll find listings that are close to where you are situated.

These results are becoming increasingly important as Google aims to supply its users with relevant, prominent results which are not too far in distance, making them accessible to their user. Due to convenience, users are extremely likely to choose options on the first page of Google’s results. This is incredibly useful for businesses with a physical location or service in a particular suburb as it targets local consumers. This highly relevant traffic is good news to business owners as it better allows those who are looking for your product or service to find you!

There are several actions you can take to rank on these pages. Some effective ways to reach page one is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and/or Google Adwords. By undertaking these services with a Marketing Company Melbourne, you are more likely to be found more regularly on page one. However, if this is not accessible to you, you can also utilise Google My Business if you haven’t set this up already.

This is a free service offered by Google which allows your business to show on maps. It also appears on the sidebar of searches if the search engine deems your business as relevant. We recommend you set this service up as part of your Online Marketing Melbourne strategy, but additionally ensure your information is complete. This includes verifying your location, having a phone number, visible address, relevant categories, updated hours, and photos of your location, product, or service. This also means replying and managing your reviews left on Google.

SEMRush is a popular tool used for a range of Digital Marketing Melbourne. Originally it was created to assist businesses to boost their organic search results and rankings, however, they are always adding additional features to help with digital marketing efforts. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne, we use SEMRush for a range of factors, such as providing key data on competitor strategies, keyword suggestions for SEO and relevant site audit data.

We will help you gain a competitive advantage by looking at a range of marketing insights while understanding what you are currently doing well and what can be improved. SEMRush offers a variety of features to provide necessary data so we can assess how to drive more traffic to your website.

Domain overview allows you to view key statistics of not only your company but any of your local and national competitors. Search keywords are a huge part of SEO and it is important to track your performance from the beginning of the campaign. This will allow us to see not only how you are ranking but the position difference based on specific time periods.

Keyword research through SEMRush is one of the most important steps in our campaign process as it allows us to discover information on both organic and paid search trends. We use this to optimise your digital marketing from the start as it produces a solid foundation for us to grow from once we begin the page building process to kickstart the campaign. Our team of Digital Marketing Consultant Melbourne use SEMRush to guide you in the right direction, setting your campaign up for success against your competitors from the beginning. Along with this, it allows us to identify new keyword opportunities that are relevant to you, which you may not have originally considered for SEO.

Theme and plugin updates are vital for the functionality and design of the website. Therefore, business owners have to constantly make necessary updates to stay on top of the competition.

A plugin allows you to use several features on the website. It comes in the form of software that contains several features that can be installed on the website. These features are then used by visitors when they land on the website and make their experience smooth. Updating plugins means updating the functionality of the website. A single update can improve functionality and add or decrease features from the site.

When we talk about themes, they make up the whole design of the website. Everything, including the colour packs, fonts, logos, photos, design, and overall layout, is part of the theme. Your theme dictates what your website will look like. Without a theme, all a website has are mere words as if they are on a word document.

Regular updates of themes and plugins bring indirect benefits for Online Marketing Melbourne. First, they help improve the security, enabling the website to rank higher, thereby allowing the marketing strategy to gain more attention.

Moreover, an essential aspect of digital marketing includes a smooth, bug-free website. If your website has a lot of bugs, your Digital Marketing Melbourne won’t work. Themes and plugin updates help minimise bugs on the website by removing them.

Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne experts also emphasise the importance of having a functional and full of features website. All of this is only possible if the website receives regular themes and plugin updates. Given the competition, every business is making these updates. If you fail to do so, you will be left far behind, thereby damaging your Online Marketing Melbourne strategy.

SSL security/SSL certificates help encrypt all the data that flows from your computer to another. It is used by many businesses to secure client details and is also a requirement for a website to rank high on Google search results. If you are running an e-business and visitors leave behind information such as credit card details on your website, it becomes vital to have SSL certification.

To get it, a business has to approach the relevant authorities who provide it as a certificate. Remember, for your Digital Marketing Melbourne to pay off, it is crucial that your website is secure and trusted. Any website in the online world is prone to hacking attacks. Consumers expect to feel safe in such an uncertain medium of exchange every time they visit a site. Having SSL certification can provide this sense of security and safety that consumers look for.

SEO is a vital part of digital marketing, and it is directly affected by SSL certification. Whether you are collective sensitive information or not, users still expect you to keep their information safe. As a result, Google considers SSL certification when ranking websites for search engine results.

Moreover, if you have successfully launched a digital marketing strategy by putting in the effort and time, it will go to waste if your site is not trusted. The first thing any user expects to see is security on a website. If there is no security, they won’t even bother noticing what you have done for marketing and promotions. Your website will be abandoned.

As a result, Site security is crucial for the success of any business as well as the digital marketing strategy you have in place and you should consult a digital Marketing Company Melbourne. Without it, the progress is going to be slow and, in some cases, nonexistent.

At Marketing Sweet, our Brand Promise is to be the ultimate SEO and web design company delivering page 1 rankings and incredible, unrivalled customer experience. We are a Marketing Company Melbourne centred around creating a reliable service for all of our clients to produce an exceptional experience.

We offer strong industry knowledge and ongoing support through open communication with clients collaborating as a team. Our team genuinely care about every client and are committed to offering a creative and positive experience with the Marketing Sweet Digital Marketing Consultant Melbourne Team. We thrive on our collective approach where we share the same common goal, to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our team is across all the latest Google Algorithm updates and trends in design to make sure our results are in line with what is happening in the industry space. This ensures that you are receiving the most up-to-date services from our skilled staff. No matter your service, whether it is web design, SEO or PPC, our team of Digital Marketing Consultant Melbourne will continually aim to ensure your experience with us is second to none. The Marketing Sweet difference is that we want to make a difference.

This is shown through our hundreds of reviews from happy clients across all of our service offerings, who value the levels of customer service that we offer all of our clients. We can also work around your busy schedule to suit you, whether you are a local to North Adelaide and you want to visit our office or we can come and visit you. We have a range of clients interstate, if you are not located in Adelaide, we can conduct meetings over the phone and via Zoom. We look forward to working with you and supporting your business as your Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne and producing lasting results through SEO, PPC or web design.

Its knowng We Care About Your Business

Our Values

To provide an outstanding experience, centered around reliability for all of our clients.

This starts by offering our strong industry knowledge, communication, collaboration, integrity & ongoing support. 

We are also committed to being creative, generous & providing an enjoyable experience.

Above all, we care about our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most effective marketing company and to create positivity & transform lives globally. This starts by inspiring, nurturing & cultivating a positive company culture, being client-centric, and supporting charities and the community.

We are committed to improving the way marketing services are offered & increasing the accessibility of these services to all businesses.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to revolutionise the way marketing services are delivered, by offering the highest level of customer service to make marketing decisions & implementation easy for business owners, both locally in Australia & across the globe.




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Did You Know

We specialise in renovating
existing websites

We specialise in
renovating existing websites

From outdated to spectacular, it doesn’t matter how it’s built, let us see what we can do.

From outdated to spectacular, it doesn’t matter how it’s built, let us see what we can do.

Are You Thinking Of Building A New Website?

Check out Our Awesome Portfolio

Check Out Our
Awesome SEO Results

3 Reasons Why We Are The SEO Experts

Mind Blowing Reputation

We have 100’s of reviews because our
clients love our work.

No Lock-In Contracts

You can have confidence & peace of mind
with no fixed term contracts.

Outstanding Communication

We are big on communication &
keeping you in the loop.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Incredible Results

3 Reasons Why We Are The pay per click (ppc) experts

Mind Blowing Reputation

We have 100’s of reviews because our clients love our work.

No Lock-In Contracts

You can have confidence & peace of mind with no fixed term contracts.

Outstanding Communication

We are big on communication & keeping you in the loop.

3 Reasons Why We Should Be Your
Melbourne Digital Marketing Company

Help Establish Your
Marketing Strategy

A clear mindset on where you need to go, and how to get there, will increase your chance for success.

How To Find Your

We’ll show you how to build a group of motivated buyers on your marketing platforms.

Show You What Technology
To Use

From the advertising platforms to content creation tools & reporting, we’ll step you through it all.

Why Our Melbourne Digital Marketing Company Could Be Perfect For You

Help choosing the right advertising platform that’s proven to grow sales

Personalised training from an industry expert on how to actually use advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

A mentor to guide you in the right direction and help create innovative marketing strategies tailored to your business & target market

Help in finding where your customers are hiding, waiting for you to sell to them

Help reducing advertising spend wastage in your marketing to increase your profit margin

Industry tips & hacks to elevate the effectiveness of their advertising ROI

How to turn data from hard-to-read numbers into a money-making tool

Wanting to lean on the experience an Australian business owner who took a business from $0 to $140m revenue

Our 4 Step Digital Marketing Melbourne Process


Understand Your Business

Understand what your marketing problems are, and how we can help fix them

Preliminary research into your industry, target market & competitors

Step 2: Proposal

Create a preliminary plan & submit your proposal


Analyse your target market & competitors in greater depth

Provide solutions to your existing marketing problems

Develop a strategy to present

Create a comprehensive presentation


Present data in a collaborative consultation

Present marketing ideas and strategy

Q&A session, answering your marketing-related questions

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A. We can come to you. We have
two cars on the road full time!

A. We can come to you. We have two cars on the road full time!

So it’s an understatement when we say
we’re committed to customer service.

So it’s an understatement when we say we’re committed to customer service.

B. You can visit us

Tell us what date & time works
& we’ll get back to you.

Tell us what date & time works
& we’ll get back to you.

We are a global company powered by

C. We can catch up on a video
conference using Zoom

Or we can catch up on a
video conference using Zoom

Did you know in the last 12 months, 90% of
our clients absolutely love video conferences.
It’s fast, convenience & socially safer.

Did you know in the last 12 months,
90% of our clients absolutely love video conferences. It’s fast, convenience & socially safer.

Technology has never made life so simple, convenient,
transparent & powerful.

Technology has never made life so simple,
convenient, transparent & powerful.

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The Brand Promise Effect

We Are Just In A Different League

Yes, we have decades of experience and a beautiful portfolio, but the thing that separates us is our drive, motivation and obsession to always be the best. That’s why you should piggy-back off us.

Our principles and core values are built around robust, sustainable strategies that always lean into the future. Therefore we, and our clients will never become obsolete.

We’re obsessed with being the best and giving you the best, year on year.

It’s not hard to work out if you’re ready to engage in our services.

So when you choose an SEO Specialist or Web Designer, choose wisely.

We know what we do, we know we do it well and we’re not afraid to say it.


The Evidence Is Clear… Our Brand Promise Works

We Have Over 300 Reviews On Google & Facebook Combined

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300 Reasons Why We Are The Right Choice For You

Simply Exceptional In Every Way

We Understand Your Business

We take the time to understand your business, research your industry & explain our process to you in detail.

We Create An In-Depth Plan

We invest in frontloading your project by obtaining so much information about you and your competitors, and creating a plan of attack before you even put pen to paper.

Collaboration Is Key

We assign you a dedicated Project Manager who will be by your side every step of the way.

We Create All The Content

We take care of your website copy for you, so it is guaranteed to appeal to your customers once they land on your website.

Our Success Speaks For Itself

We continue to work with over 1000 clients locally and across the globe – we have the track record to prove our reliability.

We’re Rated in the Top 1% of SEO & Web Design Companies

We’re direct, fully transparent and have a supportive and collaborative team culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We give back to the Community

We give back to the Community

Over the past 12 months we have donated over $50,000 worth of work.
Our company has supported 12 NGOs.

Over the past 12 months we have donated over $50,000 worth of work.
Our company has supported 13 NGOs.

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