How the Digital Marketing Adelaide & AdWords Game is Changing

From working within a digital Marketing Adelaide, I have found great importance in understanding how the digital market is changing and why we must adapt to these specific conditions.  ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ and that is why it is crucial to keep up to date with the changes that are occurring in 2018. At my company Marketing Sweet, As a digital Marketing Adelaide, we have seen that Digital Marketing Adelaide has allowed businesses to improve their online presence, overall sales and even push their boundaries. The industry is always moving forward and that is why you can’t look backwards, even the slightest move can push you back in time. For any businesses that use digital marketing Adelaide, it is vital to follow digital trends and opportunities that are occurring in the market space to help benefit your business’s bottom line and be one step ahead of your competitors.

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Digital Marketing Adelaide


Adwords today is a marketing tool that has helped businesses boom for digital marketing Adelaide and digital marketing Adelaide. Google is a place where everything can be found by consumers, and today has become a powerful source for many businesses to reap sales. Being part of a digital marketing Adelaide, I have seen features that are allowing businesses to lure traffic they want and convert their clicks into sales.

Google Adwords Updates and Extensions to look out for in 2018

Extensions have become a great success in giving small details that can sell their brand to people online, whether it’ll be their location, promotion or even a small persuasive slogan. In terms of Search campaigns, Google is now rolling out promotion extensions for all advertisers, allowing offers to be up to date and not altering any ad copies. The Ad variance of a business is an essential process, especially for any digital marketing Adelaide. In a new campaign, the smartest approach is making more options for your ads, in a process that is called A and B testing. Google has graced us with these new features, which have answered our prayers and allowed us to make tests until we find the ad that will make the most conversions for our business. When you create these ‘Ad Variants’, a budget is allocated and a percentage in which they will be shown in. This experimental procedure will allocate a specific end date and will give you a better perspective of what advertisement will be your eye-catcher within your campaign.

Digital Marketing Adelaide
Digital Marketing Adelaide

In regards to display campaigns, we have seen custom intent audiences come into play, where you can build and customise your own audience. This audience is based off your potential consumers via topics or URL’s they’re visiting online, there is even the option of allowing Google to automatically build your audience using its database. For more in-depth details, Google provides you with a sneak peek and an auto-created list in the audience centre, which gives you an estimate reach and performance indicators before you commence the extension.

As a digital marketing Adelaide, these new extensions that Google has introduced and given us shall come into play. Useful or not, these digital updates and Adwords changes will give us a better process to help businesses target the consumers they desire and achieve a successful Adwords campaign in the changing market in 2018.