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Choosing the Right Marketing Company

Navigating the digital world isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially when your business operations are already pressing you for time. As much as we all like to believe that learning Italian, training the dog, and nailing your online marketing are all achievable at once, sometimes it’s worth outsourcing a helping hand. But, how do you know who to trust and where to go? You could potentially be working with these people for months, so ideally, your company should fit like a Cinderella slipper. And let’s not pretend like it’s an easy decision to make intangible investments as a small business. We’ve compiled a few of the qualities that make an A-grade marketing company to help you conquer your concerns.


1. The Credibility Test

Strength comes in numbers, and this is no different when it comes to customer testimonials. And no, we’re not talking about the ‘anonymous’ review that Susan from reception left to up the company’s ranks. We’re talking about genuine feedback from businesses just like yours. We recommend you opt for a company that has at least 25 genuine customer reviews to back their claims. Evidence comes in many forms, so it’s also worth sifting through the company’s website to see if there’s proof in the pudding. A good marketing company will take pride in their work, so a portfolio or display of previous projects is nothing short of standard.

2. Could You Have A Beer with Them?

Unfortunately, wearing a suit doesn’t make you the bees knees in the world of business. The school days are over, and we actually have the freedom to choose who we mingle with and listen to. So, go with your gut! Simply sit back and ask yourself, ‘could I have a beer with this person?’ You’ll know when the relationship is genuine, especially when trust is an absolutely vital quality in marketing.

3. Are They Curious?

Life’s not about having all of the answers, it’s about asking all the right questions. A good marketing company won’t have a generic solution when you approach them for help, they should be heckling you with questions to come up with tailored-solutions that correspond with your business goals. Know-it-all-Joe brings no value, stick with the team who resemble those nosy neighbours you can’t seem to shake.

4. Straight Up Transparency & Clarity

Unless you’re a big fan of Nicolas Cage in National Treasure, you probably didn’t swing by your marketing company’s office to engage in a series of riddles. You’re there to talk business. If your consultant leaves you feeling pea-brained and bewildered, don’t give them the time of day! There’s plenty of simple ways to break down the services that marketing companies provide, so pick a team who speak in language you can understand. Support, education and guidance are fundamental to good service!

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Professionalism doesn’t mean over-asserting authority, talking at people, and ironing your underwear. It’s about empowering people around you, sharing expertise, and actually practicing what you preach. If you’re in the midst of choosing a marketing company, make sure you take these four qualities into account before getting tied up with old mate Barry whose only passion is Sunday roast.

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