Why People are Choosing Digital Marketing Companies Over Freelancers

Whether you’re new to the business world or have had your business running for some time, digital marketing is the most effective way to promote your products and services. In fact, reports show that businesses are dedicating over 70 percent of their budget to marketing implementation, because the value and return on investment exceeds the costs involved. When seeking the best digital marketing services, there are two options to consider; hiring a digital marketing agency, a freelancer, or creating your own digital marketing campaign. Like with anything, there are pros and cons to all of these options, but the results tell us that well-established digital marketing companies take the cake when it comes to producing results.Here are some top reasons why business owners choose to hire a digital marketing company over freelancers:


1. Added Level of Professionalism?

Professional marketing companies will likely have a refined business model with processes in place that help with internal organization. They allocate time, money and resources towards your campaigns to promote continual growth. While a freelancer might present themselves professionally, maintaining that internally can be a bit of a struggle for one person. Having multiple people on board who specialize in different fields also facilitates a more well-rounded product.

2. Availability

Digital marketing campaigns require on-going analysis and maintenance. There are various external factors that determine results, so you need a team who are available to respond to these changes round the clock. While a freelancer is capable of implementing the strategies, the maintenance is often where things begin to weaken. A company with a strong team behind them will generally have dedicated Client Relationship Managers or Representatives who are responsible for monitoring your campaigns. Freelancers can also have limited contact hours, which compromises your lead generation if engagement is starting to fall.

3. Backup Support

Any business is difficult as a one-man show. But marketing can be particularly challenging, because there’s so many different branches that work simultaneously to create your results. Freelancers are generally limited in their abilities or only specialize in one particular field, which means you’d have to outsource help from a number of people or agencies to reap the full reward. A team of in-house employees who cover the full-scope of digital marketing services means that you can go for an all-in-one package that covers all bases. Better yet, the employees are able to back each other up when need be. An individual taking a sick day or jetting off on holiday won’t impact your campaign results, giving you peace of mind!

So, it’s evident that a digital marketing company can offer you more security in terms of keeping your strategy up to date, producing well-rounded results, and maintaining accessibility. Make sure you account for these factors when making your marketing investment!

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