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Our Brand Promise

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To be the ultimate SEO & web design company delivering page 1 rankings & incredible, unrivalled customer experience

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SEO Gold Coast - Get the Right Advice

Are you struggling to get the results you know your business deserves? With a carefully thought-out SEO strategy put in place, you can start achieving page 1 rankings and elevate your business. We’re the expert SEO Gold Coast agency that can take you to the top.

We believe in offering individual solutions for your business and provide a range of exceptional services that can help you achieve your goals. Just take a look at our hundreds of combined Google and Facebook reviews from our ecstatic clients.

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Getting Ahead of Your Competition

With more competitors taking up space on the internet each day, it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to stand out. Our expert SEO strategies can get you page 1 results on Google where you can shine. Our skilled SEO Gold Coast team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to get the job done at the highest standard. 

Your Local SEO Experts

Working locally and globally, we’re here for you. Our 60+ talented staff take pride in catering to each and every client with love. We are the SEO Gold Coast agency that is going to deliver you results beyond your expectations. You probably found this page by typing in “SEO Gold Coast” and you found us. We can make this a reality for you too.

THE GOLD COAST SEO Page 1 people

There are 649 companies nationally who provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. 

3 of those are considered Masters in SEO.

We’re one of them.

What factors contribute to effective SEO?

SEO Gold Coast is an extremely complex creature. Google’s requirements are forever changing and morphing to ensure it is providing it’s users with the highest quality results possible. There are many factors that contribute to effective SEO services Gold Coast, some of which we will delve into below. 

Search engines crawl websites to search through all of the available information and rank the results that provide the most value for its usersFor this reason, your website should embrace features that enhance crawlability. To do this, you can incorporate the use of site maps and robot.txt.  

Further, search engines employ the user engagement metric to rank your site. For this, search engines consider the bounce rate (% of users who leave the site after only viewing one page), time spent on the website, and click through rate. You can facilitate better user engagement by using meta titles and site linksas this will enable users to understand the contents of the website, and find what they are looking for, quickly.  

Another factor that effects SEO is the quality of the content. Well-crafted content will attract the best results from search engines. For this, you can curate the content generated for your site with target keywords. Keyword research using industry-leading software, such as SEMrush, will help in isolating search terms that are relevant to your industry, and that are more likely to lead to a conversion. It is also important to note that your content should not exist purely to satisfy Google’s algorithm; it must also satisfy the needs of your prospective customers.  

Internal and external links are other elements that lend themselves to a successful SEO strategy performed by our SEO expert Gold Coast. The more useful information your own website can provide about a particular subject through internal linking, the more valuable Google will deem your website. Similarly, linking to additional resources on external, reputable websites shows Google that you really are acting in the best interests of the consumer.

What is SEMRush and how do we use it for SEO?

SEMRush is an online marketing software that identifies and measures trends and opportunities within search engine data. Encompassing all elements of SEO Gold Coast, SEMRush combines keyword research and website performance data within one platform. With an abundance of measurable data available, SEMRush gives our SEO consultants Gold Coast insight into competitor SEO activity and website performance, from load speed to user experience. We are then able to compare and contrast your performance with your competitors to develop the best strategy to get you onto Page 1.

When analysing keywords for your campaign, there are many factors to take into consideration to ensure that the right keywords are being targeted. With access to search engine data across all industries, SEMRush provides insights into keyword volume, search difficulty, competition and trends. By conducting thorough research and taking a scientific approach to SEO, we’re able to take the guesswork out of your campaign. Understanding how your competitors are ranking for your desired keywords is the first step to developing strategies to get your business in the top position of Page 1.

At the beginning of your SEO campaign, our team use SEMRush along with other keyword tools to hand-select the perfect keywords to generate traffic to your website. As an SEO company Gold Coast, we take the time to get to know your business and objectives to understand exactly where to position you to find audiences ready to provide you with a return on your investment. Our SEO expert Gold Coast will look into traffic and keyword data, competitor SEO analysis and traffic volume. With this information, we are able to find the best keywordfor your campaign and identify link building opportunities to ensure your website ranks for specific phrases.

Throughout your campaign, we continue to use SEMRush to monitor your SEO performance on a regular basis and identify any new opportunities for growth as the market changes.

What is the importance of good load speed for SEO?

Put yourself in the shoes of a website visitor for a minute. How many times did you choose to leave a site because a particular page didn’t load quickly enough? Well, it’s probably something that you do more often than you think. After all, with so many websites available on Google, why would you stay on one that takes forever to load, when another one can satisfy your needs, fast.  

Therefore, if you are developing a new website, or trying to decide on who to host your website with, you must consider the following information.  

Slow sites do not rank well on search engines, such as Google. Google’s job is to provide its users with the best possible results and answers to their search queries. There are many elements considered when it comes to Google organically ranking a website, and load speed is one of them. If it notices people are leaving your site after only loading one page, or before the page is loaded at all, it will penalise you. Website usability is imperative in the eyes of your consumers, so if this isn’t satisfied, your SEO services Gold Coast will suffer.   

Good load speed also enhances overall user experience, which is a huge plus if you are investing in SEO Gold Coast. Conversions are said to fall by 12% with every extra second a page takes to load. Whether you measure conversions in the form of phone calls or online purchases, load speed will significantly impact your potential customer’s intention to buy. Offering a website that is aesthetically pleasing and full of graphical content is one thing, but if it takes them too long to load the information they need, or purchase the product they want, they will inevitably become frustrated and look elsewhere to complete their purchase.

Why are Google Reviews so important?

Google is undoubtedly the number one search engine. A simple review on the world’s top search engine can be the difference when internet users search for companies in your vertical. Google reviews have proven to increase your visibility and Return on Investment (ROI). The reviews allow businesses to prove themselves to their customers. Companies now have a level ground where marketing hype and expensive campaigns become less relevant. Google reviews are a vehicle of transparency and social proofing, rather than direct and hard sellingWhile there are many benefits of Google Reviews, arguably the most important (and obvious) is the recommendations of others who have used you before. There is something so valuable about learning the experiences of others before making a phone call or an online purchase. People trust people more than they trust brands – it’s human nature and an area we encourage clients to focus on as an SEO company Gold Coast. 

One crucial advantage of Google reviews is their impact on local SEO. Review signals are among the drivers of Google’s search algorithm. The reviews focus on quantity, velocity, and diversity. A balanced combination of these signals can push your local business towards the top of Google local search results. This helps searchers to find your business quicker than using only traditional SEO services Gold Coast. 

Google reviews also allow you to get feedback loop and customer intelligence. Every review you collect on Google should serve as a customer survey response for you. Reviews will tell you whether you deliver a positive customer experience, or perhaps have room to improve. Google reviews also improve your website’s click-through rate, by building instant credibility with the new customer, enticing them to learn more about what you have to offer. Google reviews are also free, providing an excellent ROI and are among the most cost-effective ways to drive leads to your business. With little time and effort put towards Google reviews, there is so much to gain. Let our SEO consultants Gold Coast help you learn more about how Google Reviews work hand-in-hand with SEO. 

What is our Brand Promise and what does it mean for our SEO service?

Our Brand Promise is ‘to be the ultimate SEO and Web Design company delivering Page 1 rankings & incredible, unrivalled customer service’. As SEO consultants Gold Coast, we are committed to delivering a service incomparable in our industry to ensure that you not only receive unmatched results but enjoy your experience. We take the word ‘ultimate’ seriously – that’s why we’re in the top 1% of SEO companies in Australia.

Unlike other SEO companies, we take pride in providing a customised and in-depth service that is tailored to each client. In the initial set-up of your campaign, we will conduct thorough research into your competitor’s SEO activity and market trends to ensure that we are setting you up to succeed. Our Research and Customer Satisfaction Teams take pride in getting to know your business to understand exactly how to position you and reach your target customers.

Getting you to the top of Page 1 is our priority. To ensure that your campaign is running at peak performance, we meet as a team daily with our SEO expert Gold Coast to discuss new strategies to ensure that your rankings are always on the incline. Every decision that we make as an SEO company Gold Coast is 100% backed by research and data to give you the best opportunity for success. We won’t take any chances with your campaign and implement every strategy to appease Google’s latest algorithms. We believe in 100% transparent communication and will always keep you updated on your progress. To ensure your experience is seamless, we’ll provide you with a dedicated Client Relationship Representative for your campaign so that you have a direct point of contact. This member of our Customer Satisfaction Team will monitor your account daily and flag any opportunities or concerns with our SEO Scientist so that you can rest assured that your campaign is always in the right hands and receiving the attention it deserves.

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3 Reasons Why We Are The SEO Gold Coast Experts

Mind Blowing Reputation

We have 100’s of reviews because our
clients love our work.

No Lock-In Contracts

You can have confidence & peace of mind
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Our 5 Step SEO Process

Step 1: Plan

Understand Your Business

Present competitor research

Present preliminary strategy

Present keyword list & search volumes

Step 2: Proposal

Create a strategy & submit your proposal

Step 3: Implement

Finalise strategy

Optimise backend

Build pages, create content, add images & crawl

Step 4: Report

Generate report & analyse

Contact the create to discuss report

Adjust the strategy

Step 5: Communicate & Optimise

Continue communication with the client whenever required

Focus on growing positions & rankings

Focus on increasing traffic volume


Optimised Back End

We tell Google what the page is about through the backend

Graphic Design

We build a page with the perfect structure that Google loves

Content Focused On Your Keyword

We actually professionally write your content

Mobile Responsive

We ensure your website is mobile friendly and works on all devices

Call to Actions

We focus on making it clear how to contact your business

Optimised Front End

We ensure the front end has all the right keywords in the right places

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