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How to Pick the Best Ecommerce Web Development Company

You already own a business and rely entirely on selling the products through a chain of brick-and-mortar stores. You require an online channel to boost your business and increase the returns on your investment. Therefore, you must look at the market and select a web designer and eCommerce web development company for your website. Undeniably, choosing the right company to build your website is critical as it determines the results in pushing the goals of your business. 

A well-designed and functional website with an impeccable user experience is essential for increasing your online presence and boosting your business’ objectives. There are various factors to consider that can help you choose a web developer to help you achieve your goals. The process is, however, tedious and confusing due to the hundreds of agencies available in the market. As such, careful consideration is essential. When considering who to offer the job to, you need to understand that you are not looking for just any company. You are looking for the one that meets your requirements and with experience in the eCommerce industry. 

Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Best Ecommerce Website Design Company

An Ecommerce website design meeting at Marketing Sweet, one of Australia's leading web development and digital marketing companies.
There are many intricacies involved in building an eCommerce store - so you need to consult a professional!

With precise requirements of your business needs in mind, you can devise a checklist of needs you want to fulfil. Your preferred company’s specialisation and a proven track record determine the keys to success. Here is what to look for before settling on a company to work on your project;

  1. Portfolio
    This should be the first step to look for on a company’s website. Paying close attention to the website will reveal the company’s eCommerce projects successfully delivered to their clients. While checking the portfolio, ensure that you look at more than screenshots. Ensure that you click on the links, and search the actual websites they have built. With this, you can see their website’s feel and the user experience. If the elements are incredible, this could be something you want to implement on your website. 

    A portfolio will allow you to see the quality and diversity of the company’s projects and sample the quality of work delivered. Although a glance at the website is insufficient to tell how the project progressed, it gives a good start and a rough idea of what the company specialises in. It would be best to look at not only claims of experience but also the actual projects they have completed.

    You can also contact the company if you require more portfolio samples. The portfolio should impress you, and if the company is reluctant to provide its previous work, you should not take a gamble with them. Ensure that you look for more relevant examples that match your project and a solid track record of success. 
  1. Look at their website
    The company’s website can give a general idea of its competence and responsibility. If the company has impeccable design and creative talent, the chances are high that they can offer the same for your project. 

  2. Reviews
    Some websites are dedicated to reviewing software development services. They offer detailed client testimonials and help you get the best service providers for your business. With websites such as Clutch, you can verify the company’s reputation and how they deal with positive and negative client reviews. 

    You can get unbiased and verified company profiles to connect with the right service provider. In addition to reviewing the information on the website, you can also ask the company to provide you with testimonials from previous and present clients. 
  1. Additional services
    The web design process is continuous, and there is a need to consider the long-term perspective when hiring an eCommerce website agency. Apart from the web development services, your website may require expertise like UX, graphics designers and SEO specialists to upgrade and update. It would save you a lot of time and money to hire an agency that offers these services under one roof. 
Another satisfied client sending off packages for sales that came through her eCommerce website. Marketing Sweet is one of Australia's leading web development and digital marketing companies.
Give your business the best chance at success by having an eCommerce website built.

5. Cost and quality
Since you are working on a budget, you are looking for an eCommerce web designer who you can afford. However, it is good to understand that cost is often reflected in the quality. Therefore, excessive focus on the price can be a dead end and costly in the long term. Well-established companies such as Marketing Sweet focus on value for money and delivering results that will lift your business to greater levels. 

6. Maintenance and support
It would be best to enquire from the company about the level of maintenance and support they offer to ensure the ongoing optimal functioning of your website. Technical issues are associated with loss of traffic and revenue, especially if you are working on a big-scale project. So, ensure that you engage a team that works around the clock in case you are experiencing issues with your website.

7. Familiarity with design trends and technologies
The design of your eCommerce website and the user experience must be modern, trendy and adhere to the latest industry practices. You can browse the portfolio and check the eCommerce websites a company has built to determine their capabilities. 

8. Their web development process
The software development process is as essential as the experience of the company. You should ask the company to walk you through their steps towards attaining your eCommerce website. A well-designed process will increase your confidence in the project and ensure timely completion. 

The Final Thought

You can achieve an eCommerce website that serves a greater purpose than just letting people order products from you online. At Marketing Sweet, we understand that your website offers you make-or-break success. That is why we build it with Google in mind to save you a lot of trouble and trigger incredible results for your business. With us, you will gain a frictionless, immersive shopping experience for your users, increasing your returns on investment.

At Marketing Sweet, we believe in providing value for money. We continue to work with over 1500 clients nationally with a track record that talks more of our reliability. If your website or its content is outdated, you can rely on our eCommerce web developer company for a complete makeover.

If you are looking to build an eCommerce website or redesign your existing website for better results, call us today.

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