Do you require a plan to increase the functionality of your website? At Marketing Sweet, we understand the importance of a powerful website, when planning we consider user interaction, experience and processes. We will start by contacting you for a research call, addressing your requirements, likes, dislikes and considering your competitors. We will then provide you with an outstanding concept drawing, which will assist you in visualising your website, improving the functionality and overall user experience. 

The Process

1. You’ve Decided You’d Like A New Website

Congratulations! You have taken the first to begin an amazing journey with Marketing Sweet! To start your journey, we develop a concept drawing which is fundamental in bringing your website vision to life. This portrays the plan and initial design of your project. This planning stage is vital to the success of your website and ensures that the web design process, which follows, operates smoothly. Fundamentally, it is the definition of success for your project, outlining the end goal. 

By completing a concept drawing, you’re receiving a sneak peak of the end project, without footing the full cost. By finishing this vital step, you have a greater idea of the direction of the project, a greater sense of clarity in your decision making, and inspiration for the competition of the final project. 

2. We Gain An Understanding Of Your Business

Our expert research team will attain a better understanding of your business, considering your competitors and the industry as a whole. By completing this research we are better equipped to ensure your website concept suits your business and your industry. We are able to tailor the project to ensure that the features on the website benefit your end consumer and are designed to increase your leads.

3. Research Call With Our Talented Experts

Our expert team wants to get to know your business and why you’re better than the competition. We want to understand how to promote these qualities to your end consumer and in addition get to know your website project from the inside out, this is why we conduct a research call with you.

4. Understanding Your Requirements

Tell us your dream! We want to understand what you envision for your website and what qualities are a must-see. We want to fully comprehend what your requirements are, what you like and dislike in order to ensure our end product both fulfils your needs, but additionally exceeds your wildest expectations.

5. Our Web Team Design Your Concept Design

Now we understand, your business, your requirements, likes, dislikes, industry and competitors, we are ready to create your concept drawing. We will produce a high quality concept which considers functionality, design and user interaction. This ensures that when creating your dream website, the process is seamless and when working with the team at Marketing Sweet, your end result exceeds expectations.

6. Your Concept Design Is Complete

Yay! We’re so happy you love the concept drawing of your website! But what is next? After you’ve got the design, contact our team to get the project underway. As we understand your needs and objectives, we can easily put this plan into action, replicating your website design, layout and functionality across the project. 

Do you want a number of options to consider different designs? Not a problem! Let our team know and we can get your range of concept designs underway.

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