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Increasing Your ROI for SEM Using Google Adwords Adelaide

Today there is no doubt that Google (Google Adwords Adelaide) and other search engines play a massive role in the digital world of marketing. Changing algorithms can leave businesses confused in their digital marketing approach, and leading them to adjust to what they feel is right and what is wrong. Its essential to revisit your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy to make sure your business is visible on the platform and getting the attention that will draw traffic and conversions to your business. We get that constant changes to the search algorithms can be difficult to keep up with, and that missing these certain changes can lead to missed opportunities and ROI (return on investment). Many firms today are still reliant on their old marketing ways, but this article will help provide a few tips from our Google Adwords Adelaide experts on how to get your SEM campaign on the right path.

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Google Adwords Adelaide

Gather the right data and tools before you commence your campaign

Before commencing your Adwords account and investing money into particular keywords, do your research! The first successful step is to make sure you have the right data that approves and gives the green light before you move forward. Optimizing your current online organic presence will be very beneficial, showing you where your interaction and conversions are coming from. There are SEM tools that are available to you such as SEMrush and Google Analytics. This allocates the popular keywords and crucial information such as expected cost-per-click of potential keywords and the volume of people searching for those keywords, which will provide metrics on how to outline your final Adwords campaign. These tools provide assurance you’re reaching those who are most likely to be potential consumers. Don’t rush your campaign, do your homework and gather data before you commence your SEM campaign.

Conduct different experiments

Google Adwords is going to be a bit of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. When posting particular ads for your ad groups, it is better to trial two or more ads than just one. This is the best approach, as viewers may respond to one ad over the other, which can be due to many factors, most often it’s the ads title or description that does well at capturing their attention. Using different variation of text ads and call ads can lure different types of traffic. Accounts who look to be limited on a daily budget, may look to call ads to work in their favour. This approach looks to bring calls and leads to the business rather than traffic to the website. For those that employ text line ads, look to attract both leads and heavy traffic to their website. Extension trials will always be beneficial, trying different types of promotion or callout extensions that may work better for the campaign. Additionally, different match types for certain keywords can be applied to see different types of leads and traffic view the website.

The algorithms that determine the standards of your SEM strategies will often fluctuate. However, these tips are here to guide you in the right direction and produce the Adwords campaign that will help to develop a killer ROI for your business.

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