How To Submit Your Application

If you’re interested, the next step is to follow our application process below.

Our application process is very easy – all we need is a Proof Of Service. Our Marketing Sweet team will review your application to verify the level of service you are currently receiving and what you are paying.

Step 1

Click on the link that you have received as a text message

Step 2

Take a photo of your current Proof Of Service & upload it*

Step 3

Fill in the details & submit your application.

Step 4

You receive an answer on your application in 24 hours.

*Terms of your Proof Of Service

  1. Your current provider must be an Australian Registered Company
  2. The Proof of Service must clearly display the details of your entire Service Agreement
  3. You must be already working with another SEO provider at the time of the application

Please note: If for any reason we feel as though you’re not the right fit for our company, we have the right to refuse our service.

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