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Pricing Policy & Guidelines For Charities, Not-For-Profits & Community Groups


Our Vision is to create positivity & transform lives globally. This starts by inspiring, nurturing & cultivating a positive company culture, being client centric, supporting charities & the community.

Director of Marketing Sweet

We Want To Power Change

Our Director Corie is passionate about change. His view is to always be a part of the solution and contribute back to society, which is why the team at Marketing Sweet are always willing to extend a hand and give back to our local community. To help you make a difference, we offer our clients a discount of at least 15% off of their proposed service, should the organisation satisfy our eligibility guidelines.


Marketing Sweet understands that community and charity organisations often have limited resources, but can still do an incredible amount of good. We want to help you make the biggest impact by spreading the good news and be part of your journey by working alongside your organisation. Let our team support you in your mission, so that together, we can bring about positive change.

Marketing Sweet Is The Company That Cares

Our team have proudly worked with 9 charity organisations in the last 12 months, and have donated over $50,000 worth of work to numerous Not-For-Profit, Community and Educational groups.

Click here to see the organisations we have helped in the last 12 months:

The real question is, are you eligible?

We review each organisation on a case-by-case basis to determine the level of discount that is offered. To be eligible, the business and/or organisation must be:

Australian Registered Not-For-Profit Organisation

Community-Based Group

Including but not limited to sporting associations, lions & rotary clubs, cultural organisations, local community networks.

Australian Charity Organisation

Academic Institutions

Including but not limited to Primary and Secondary School Institutions, University Institutions.

What You Can Recieve?

To receive the Tier 1 discount of:


Simply just qualify to our eligibility guidelines above.

To receive the Tier 2 discount of:


Leave us a review on describing your experience with Marketing Sweet.

To receive the Tier 3 discount of:


Allow us to write a case study about your project to describe your experience with us.

Please note: if for any reason we feel as though you’re not the right fit for our company, Marketing Sweet reserves the right to grant or deny an organisation’s eligibility and/or participation in this transaction at any time, for any reason, and without notice.

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