Everything you need to know right at your Fingertips

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Marketing Sweet will analyse everything for you

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive report which includes the following information:

Total website traffic

Keyword positioning

Website traffic source

Your competitors

Know your total
organic traffic

Knowing where you are currently standing within the market is crucial. A key factor in creating a successful strategy is identifying the number of people going to your website from month to month.

See where your keywords are organic positioned

90% of people won’t go past Page 1 of Google.

Anything past position 10 is considered Page 2 onwards, so it is paramount that you get your keywords onto Page 1. The report will show you which page of Google your keywords are currently ranking on.

Learn which keywords generate the most traffic

The report will dive deeper so you understand which particular search terms are driving traffic to your website.

Know your organic competitors

An in-depth analysis will reveal who your competitors are, how much traffic they are getting to their website every month, their current keyword positioning, and the traffic each of those search terms receive.

Everything you need to know right at your Fingertips

Access Your Free Reporting

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How the trial works

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In addition, we will also provide you with a 25% discount for a three (3) month trial period.

3 month trial

After three (3) months, our fee will then increase to match what you’re currently paying.

No fixed contract

There are no lock in contracts – you can cancel when you want.

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This is a 90-day challenge for you to see if we can perform better than your current provider. So, not only will we match your price, but we’ll reduce the cost by 25% for the first 3 months. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can simply return back to your previous provider.

How we select our clients

We believe we are the better option for your business, and most importantly, we believe that you would be a quality client for Marketing Sweet.

We are actually pretty selective with who we choose to work with. In each state, we only take 1 client per 5km radius from your business category. This varies from industry to industry to avoid any conflict of interest unless it’s a brand with more than 1 location.

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