Whatever your website is built on, our expert technical team can convert your Content Management System (CMS) to WordPress. If you find your current platform is not user friendly or is difficult to work with, we can rebuild it into a new system. The great news is that the entry point is lower as we will replicate your existing website design and convert the system to WordPress.

The Process

1. Detecting The Issue That Is Affecting User Experience

The capacity of our hardware and software has changed drastically in the last few years and is only going to continue to change at a high speed. Whether you have found trouble accessing your website to make simple changes, your website isn’t suitable to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), load speed is low or your site is not mobile responsive, these are all factors that influence user experience. For this reason, people need to convert their website onto a user-friendly platform such as WordPress. 

2. Replicating Your Current Website Onto WordPress

Our Web Care Team will take the exact layout you currently have and we will replicate it onto WordPress which is an open-source platform. This will ensure your website is easier to edit, user-friendly, SEO friendly and more approachable for future work. It is a great starting point if you are happy with your existing website and you just require a simpler platform to work on with little limitations. 

3. Completion of Mobile Optimisation

Mobile traffic generates approximately half of all website traffic worldwide. A website that is mobile optimised will reformat itself to fit mobile devices. Not only does it ensure the website can be properly viewed on a smaller screen, but it also makes it much easier to navigate. When we mobile optimise a website, content and images will be reformatted accordingly.  

4. Following Our Going Live Process

Once we have made the necessary change over and mobile optimisation is complete, we follow our standard going live process. This ensures we check all links, test contact forms and conduct a mobile responsiveness test. 

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