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Why It’s important To Optimise Your Adelaide Web Design To SEO

What is common to see today on a digital scale is that many websites are struggling to lure traffic. One indicator of this occurring is that their website has not been optimised for SEO. We consider SEO to be an integral part of web design, and we always ensure that your website is already optimised for you our clients.

Adelaide Web Design and SEO are two different concepts. Web design is focused on the aesthetics of a site, whilst SEO focuses on optimising to increase your search engine ranking. So, when building a new website, the best thing to do is apply both concepts together! Digital marketing and web design should go together very well and aids this process. Make sure you follow our advice from this article to ensure you’re optimising your web design successfully.

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Adelaide Web Design

Blog Posts

This is a simple concept that is proven to be effective and will help optimise your site to SEO. This means your website will have new content added regularly, showing Google you are recent and active, which will improve your ranking.

Another benefit is that posting articles will show original content that are keyword focused. It is important to do your research, as this process will improve your ranking for those keywords Google. This is also a window of opportunity to build an online following, which will create brand awareness and see you as ‘a voice in the field’.

Mobile Responsiveness

The responsive design of your webpage is important, as will provide a user-friendly experience and help your SEO ranking. Google’s announced a new mobile update, which will rank your website according to how responsive your site is. That is why it is important that your Adelaide Web Design is always mobile responsive, so that it can rank as highly as it can on Google.

Adelaide Web Design
Adelaide Web Design

Social Sharing

With new blogs being added to your website, it is important to incorporate social sharing buttons, allowing viewers to share your content on their social media platforms. In addition, LinkedIn presents a great window of opportunity to increase the reach for your content and connect your brand with other businesses.

Having your content shared or linked back will improve your websites domain and page authority (also referred to as DA and PA). Remember that quality content is king! So make sure you provide content of interest and incorporate keywords that will work in favour to gain more traffic to your Adelaide Web Design.

Images & Headers

Images and headers are extremely beneficial to your websites SEO. Headers use relevant keywords that tell Google what the content is about and what parts of the text it needs to pay attention to. Images use keywords for the ‘alt’ tags, which help tell Google what the image contains to improve your ranking quality.

Adelaide Web Design
I would like to thank Graham Tester who provided a remarkable article and inspired my written piece. Find the link here:  https://omnisearch.uk/optimise-web-design-for-seo/

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