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So We Managed to Get Your Attention in a Crowded Market, Surely That’s Impressive?

If you’re searching “Best Website Hosting” you found us on Page 1 and we can do the same for you. So why not speak to the experts in this field and book a Free No-Obligation 30 Minute Session discussing how you can maximise your Website Design allowing you to convert more of your website visitors into sales. Hopefully, you love this page as much as we do!

We create sales tools, not websites

At Marketing Sweet, we create more sales with conversion-oriented web design.

Just think when your new potential customer lands to your website. They need to understand and believe you’re the perfect business for them, within seconds.

In other words, your website has to connect with their need. That's what we do best at Marketing Sweet. We create incredible websites that resonate with your potential clients so they contact you. The end results is a steady stream of new business.


We focus on listening to the data we gather & create the ultimate conversion tool which means more leads and more sales.


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    Technical knowledge is one thing. Client satisfaction is another. We do both really well. At Marketing Sweet you will feel we are listening, understanding, and you are receiving unbiased honest Advice. Our staff are friendly and highly trained, and cross-skilled in all aspects of Marketing. We deliver on client satisfaction; simply look at our reviews!
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    We know what to do. We also know how to explain it way better. Knowing what to do is easy when you have done it before. Take Advice from those who have done it for themselves and can explain what needs to be done in simple and plain English.
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    There is no substitute for Process. Process is King. Your experience with Marketing Sweet will be smooth sailing because we have process. You will be assigned a dedicated Client Relationship Manager to ensure everything is on point. Our process is supportive, methodical, and creative. It produces a fantastic web design experience and end product for our clients.

What makes us stand out

Step 1: Research

We invest hours into immersing ourselves in & understanding your business’ offering, and how it helps your customers. Our team will provide industry-leading recommendations and explicitly detail our proven step-by-step process that this gives you complete peace of mind.


With a proven strategy now in place, we will personally introduce you to the team, whose #1 priority is giving you industry-best customer service and advice.

Launch your project

This is how we launch your website

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    1. First Contact

    The initial meeting with our Director, Corie, will enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and business objectives, including exactly what you wish to achieve from your new website! Corie will extensively explain what needs to be done in order to accomplish your set goals in an efficient and affordable manner, before a clear plan is devised and delegated to a Client Relationship Manager and Web Developer.
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    2. Strategy & Planning

    Our team will create a wireframe to act as a blueprint of the finished product, giving you the skeletal framework required to visualise the website prior to incorporating graphic and written content. This is a very open discussion – as all of our meetings are – where you are able to ask any questions and request any changes as you see fit.

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    3. Development

    During Development, the website will be built based on the finalised wireframe and styled to meet the exact guidelines of your business’ current direct (brand name) and indirect (distinctive assets) branding.
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    4. Presentation

    We present you with the finished product, and thoroughly explain any functions that require specific clarification. Our web team will also provide you with a step by step guide on how to make future changes as content becomes irrelevant or outdated.

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    5. Refine your website

    Based on the decisions made in website meeting, our web team will apply the discussed changes and implement all the necessary functionalities before making the website compatible across all devices. They will also make sure your website looks top notch.

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Best Website Hosting

The importance of choosing best website hosting practices

Having your website built is one thing –having it maintained and secured it is a whole new ball game. Luckily for you, Marketing Sweet’s dedicated hosting manager offers the best website hosting service in Adelaide! He will be responsible for the performance and regular maintenance of your website to ensure the information available to your target market is relevant, effective and manageable. This article will explain how to choose the best website hosting company, and how we at Marketing Sweet put these findings into practice! Starting with the basics: web hosting simply enablesbusinesses or individuals to make their web page available on the internet. A web hosting business should have access to the technologies and services needed in order for the webpage to be viewed. Your website will live among others on a server, and how well that server is managed ultimately determines your website’s success! Finding the best website hosting company is critical – so let us tell you what to look for.

What characterises best website hosting?

Firstly, a company who claims they offer the best website hosting on the market must ensure their service is scalable to the specific needs of the business and website size. You may find your current package is too small to handle the large influx of website traffic you have incurred since your site was upgraded, or perhaps it is not experiencing the popularity you expected, in which case it could potentially be time to downsize. At Marketing Sweet, we offer a range of different hosting packages with different levels of management for varying needs and budgets. Secondly, security is a crucial element of good hosting, with server level protections needed to safeguard your site against threats. Marketing Sweet offer Enterprise Grade Server Firewall for all clients, and perform daily security scans to ensure your site’s security is never compromised. This is just another reason why we are the best website hosting Adelaide has to offer!

What characterises best website hosting?

The third characteristic of the best website hosting company is their support system; that is, do they have the resources available to provide all of their hosting clients with meaningful assistance? Before employing a host, you should ensure that the staff managing the server are highly skilled in WordPress, allowing them to quickly isolate and rectify common WordPress errors before they escalate. A good way to assess this is by researching whether or not the company market themselves towards WordPress users. At Marketing Sweet, every website we build is done so using WordPress – we simply believe that there is no web development platform as usable on the market! The final consideration is the host company’s reputation –do they have a solid status in the hosting world? Are their clients satisfied with the service they are provided? Consumer recommendations cannot be underrated, so here at Marketing Sweet, we take great pride in the consistently positive feedback we receive from all of our hosting clients!

Marketing sweet – for Adelaide’s best website hosting guaranteed: If you are in need of the best website hosting service in Adelaide who doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to critical elements of website management, give Marketing Sweet a call. Our dedicated hostmaster is on deck and ready to serve you!

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