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Meet Louise Absalom

Practice Manager

Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding


The Business

RedGum Vet & Pet Boarding have been delivering an exceptional level of care and support for animals in their community for over ten years. They have established an all-in-one practice that offers grooming, pet health, and accommodation. The team have adopted a “country doctor” approach which has created a strong customer base.

The success of RedGum Vet & Pet Boarding comes down to the commitment of husband and wife team, Roger and Louise Absalom. Roger has devoted over 30 years to the industry, maintaining a strong presence across the Port Augusta region. Louise is now more involved than ever, holding the title of Practice Manager. Prior to working alongside her husband, Louise spent the best part of her career working in diversional therapy; specialising in aged care. She was also a lecturer at TAFE for 17 years and credits both of these roles for her good communication and team management skills.

Along with Rog and others in their field, Louise takes part in training sessions carried out by an organisation called the United Vets Group. They’ve learnt both personal and professional skills that have had a tremendous impact on the way they look at their business, reflect on performance, and establish work-life balance. These skills are transferred on to the many university graduates who look to Rog for career guidance. With 14 staff currently on deck, Louise says cultivating a positive, team-oriented group of employees is one of the most rewarding aspects of their practice.

Louise says it’s difficult to find qualified staff who are willing to compromise the rural lifestyle. Her advice to others business owners who are experiencing similar problems is to look outside of yourself and take advantage of the network opportunities available.

The Problem

Louise struggled to maintain online presence, and engagement with RedGum’s clientele. She found herself incredibly time poor, and says she simply wasn’t very good at it. This is when a fellow business owner, who could resonate with her struggles, referred her to the Marketing Sweet team.

“We were actually on a cruise as part of a business group and I was chatting to some of the business owners about the problem and they were using Marketing Sweet, so they gave us the name and followed on from there.”

The Solution

Louise says she was pleasantly surprised by the way Marketing Sweet addressed their needs. The team built RedGum a new website and took control of their social media accounts to ensure their online audience were regularly engaging with the business.

“First of all, you listened, and you appreciated the uniqueness of our business. You were able to put something together that wasn’t just about social media, it was about marketing. You tied the two together and we’ve been really really really happy with that work.”

She commended our Social Media Manager, Scott, for his determination to learn the ins and outs of the business, and his professionalism when it came to communicating that information with clients. Marketing Sweet are very proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside such a dedicated business.

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