Here are 8 Organisations We’ve Helped in the Past 12 Months

It’s Up2Me provide innovative solutions to help improve independence and wellbeing, so that users can make lasting changes to the way they approach life issues. To support the organisation, Marketing Sweet donated over 50% of the total cost of building their website which has drastically improved their level of online engagement and brand awareness. The website we built successfully promotes the positive impact of their work on personal skill development through its eye-catching design and simple layout.

SAHARA is a registered not-for-profit organisation, supported by volunteers all over South Australia. The team are dedicated to rescuing animals and helping them find a loving home. Our director Corie is extremely passionate about animal welfare, and even adopted a rescue dog for his family. To support SAHARA, Marketing Sweet donated a fantastic new website and professional videography services to create a platform that has high emotional impact, and inspires people to volunteer, adopt, and donate to the amazing work carried out by this organisation.

Impact 100 makes large contributions towards South Australia-based charity projects. The team host two major fundraising events a year, with each securing a minimum of $100,000 through corporate donations. To support Impact 100, Marketing Sweet generously donated a full website re-development to help drive their success. Our work has increased their ability to share information and make announcements to keep new and existing members engaged with the project.

Global Guardians is an anti-poaching organisation who provide a range of volunteer programs, aimed at reducing the decline of wildlife. To support Global Guardians, Marketing Sweet donated a new website to effectively communicate the value of their work. The platform we created is functional, simple to navigate, and highly interactive to attract other anti-poaching activists. Our team are passionate about making a difference not just locally, but on a global scale, which is reflected in this project.

Affiliated with the Australian Red Cross, In Search of Safety is a leading humanitarian aid and community services charity in Australia. The organisation educates the broader community about asylum seeking, and why people are forced into these life-changing situations. To support In Search Of Safety, Marketing Sweet donated over 50% of the total cost of building their new website which highlights the educational programs available for primary schools, secondary schools, workplaces and the community. Prior to our donation, In Search of Safety were virtually non-existent online. The website we created is easy to navigate, provides ample resources, and effectively communicates the organisation’s purpose.

BeyondBlue is an independent not-for-profit organisation who offer help to people suffering from poor mental health. To support BeyondBlue, Marketing Sweet donated their time and resources to produce professional videography content in collaboration with Diamond Guild Australia. The footage we captured tells an important story about the impact of depression on families. We reflected the overarching message that BeyondBlue relentlessly push to help suffering Australians. To watch this touching video for yourself, head over to the Marketing Sweet videography page.

Fresh 92.7 is a youth and community radio station which provides jobs for students, budding journalists and local DJs. To support Fresh 92.7, Marketing Sweet donated over 50% of the total cost of building their new website. The product we created is high impact and includes cutting-edge features such as the live stream option which gives the public access to Fresh FM radio on all devices no matter where they are. Our director continues to provide ongoing sponsorship to support South Australia’s rising talent.

The South Australia Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS) is the state’s peak body in drug and alcohol abuse management and prevention. They are a non-government organisation who depend of membership funds to support their network. To help SANDAS grow their membership, Marketing Sweet donated over 50% of their website to strengthen community responses to the damages caused by substance abuse. The final product is engaging, simple to navigate, and effectively communicates their important message.

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