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Different Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. Today, a majority of companies have already integrated social media into their marketing strategies through regular engagement, sponsored posts and advertisements. A huge percentage of consumers are active on at least one type of social platform, so it’s definitely worthwhile narrowing down your target market and tracking results to see where your audience are most active. In addition to the usual tactics mentioned above, did you also know that social media can be used to retain customer engagement on your website? Here’s how:


Integrating Social Media to the Website

While consulting with a web design company, they’ll probably ask you about your social media activity. This is because there are various ways to display an automated social feed or link people to the respective social accounts on your website! This is fantastic way to keep your audience up to date with activity, promotions, new products or business developments. You can also use it both ways and update your audience on new activity on the website from your social accounts; whether it be new blog posts, added services or re-development. So, what options are there for linking the two platforms and how to get your audience to engage?

1. Design Custom Social Media Buttons

The most straight-forward way to connect your social media account to the website is adding social buttons or active iconsto your page. Every time your viewers click on these buttons, they will be redirected to your social profiles. You don’t necessarily have to copy the social logos and present them plainly on the page like everyone else—you can get creative and incorporate a sneak peek into the theme and branding of your social pages. Use CTAs like “click to see more posts like this” or “check out our social pages” to incite action. Alternatively, if you want to keep things simple then there’s always the option of strategically placing the official platform logo somewhere on the website. We recommended having it in the footer for easy access from every page.

2. Include Sharing Buttons

Sharing buttons are different from social profile links. Links will re-direct people to your social pages, whereas the sharing buttons will prompt them to actually share your content on their own social networking accounts. If you have a blog for example, adding the option to “share” is a great way to reach a wider audience, and direct more organic traffic to your website as a result.
If you have a WordPress website, it’s as simple as getting your web design company to download the necessary social sharing plugins.

3. Use Instagram Gallery

Are you looking for greater brand exposure? Instagram is all about selling a lifestyle, which will sell your product or service in return. It’s the “I need this to achieve that” mentality that no consumer can escape from. If your Instagram is filled with high-quality images that are strategically branded and present certain lifestyle characteristics that appeal to your target audience—you want this on your website! Add an Instagram gallery feature that will automatically update when you post new content.
So, what are you waiting for? Find a web design company who can integrate social media channels into your website hassle-free!


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