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Facebook Ads Features Every Marketer Should Know

Can we ask you a question? On the number scale of 1 to 10, how much understanding do you have regarding the Facebook ads?

Many of us may not have complete information about Facebook ads. Nevertheless, we keep on believing the facts that we have learnt from others.

Facebook is a common yet powerful marketing tool that is very effective for improving the business reach and visibility. However, it makes it difficult for marketers to keep up to date with the little changes. But there are some additional Facebook features that can contribute to the right campaign. 

This article is intended to provide the best knowledge about Facebook ads. So let us start and explore the wide benefits of Facebook ads that you need to know.

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook is one of the social media platforms on which individuals spend most of their time. It is a good place to promote your business.

The paid messages that appear on Facebook are Facebook ads. You get the flexibility to illustrate your thoughts in your voice. Also, you can easily reach the individuals who matter to you. The Facebook ads are available in different varieties and different campaigns. You can broadly reach your audience with Facebook ads.

What Tools Does Facebook Offer?

Every digital marketer knows that Facebook has a great tool that can offer the best to your business. Using these tools is quite easy, but most of us might not have an idea regarding that.

So let’s hop in the sea of Facebook and grasp as much as possible. 

What Tools Does Facebook Offer?

1. Third Party Tag Integration

Several steps are used in setting the Facebook pixel when you have to add any event tracking or shopping cart. But in the year 2017, this process becomes simpler with the addition of integration tools. You can get this feature under Business Manager. If you have advertisers on WooCommerce, Shopify, Google Tag Manager, Magento, or BigCommerce, then you can easily use the Facebook pixel without doing any changes in the website code.

2. Facebook Pixel Helper

You have to consider that the conversion pixel which you are going to set should work correctly. For that, you can use the Facebook Chrome extension that offers you details about the implementation, troubleshooting, and performance of the campaigns. You will see lots of error messages after adding extensions to the browser and can sort them out one by one.

3. Creative Hub

The creative hub tool from Facebook is the mockup tool that is great in testing different types of ads, their placement, and elements. You can also test single images and videos with this. It is very effective when you have to pitch to your clients regarding the new ad types. You can check videos, slideshows, and interactive ads with the creative hub tool. Also, you can save these mockups for further reference.

To get access to the creative hub, you can try these steps.

  • Go to the navigation bar of Facebook.
  • Click on the “dot” buttons
  • Scroll down to the Advertisers option
  • You are at the option of a creative hub.

4. Facebook Analytics

It is an addition to view Facebook performance. You can reach this tool by clicking on the Business Manager navigation bar and scrolling down to Analyze and Report option, then Analytics. If you have used Google Analytics, then you will find this tool similar to that. Like that, you can use this tool. By creating the Funnels, you can easily check the performance or actions that you like to quantify.

5. Audience Insights

It is another tool from Facebook that offers detailed information about the audiences that Facebook Analytics is not able to offer. To access this feature, you have to go to the navigation menu>> Analyze and Report>> Audience Insights.

With this tool, you can create a list of your target audience and collect information such as liked pages, interest, facebook data usage, and other things.

Some More Interesting Features By Facebook

Budget Optimization Of The Campaign

This feature was introduced in the year 2017 November. It allows you to balance the amount spent on ad campaigns. You can optimize the budget across different ad set campaigns. You will get this option when you are aiming to create a new campaign, and it is applicable to all types of budgets, either a daily one or a lifetime one. 

Budget Optimization Of The Campaign

Scheduling of Ad

Most marketers follow the technique to run ads only for a limited time of the day to control the budget. In the present time, Facebook is only offering the ad scheduling option when you are going with a lifetime budget. When you are creating your new ad campaign with the lifetime budget, it will give you the option to run the campaign as per your desired time. If you are scheduling the ads, then you should consider the time zone of the viewers so that more and more views can be made.

Targeting Location

This feature is really useful, and you have to set them at the time of setting the ad elements. After setting the location target, you can also add the desired radius to get better results. Along with this, you also get the option of 4 additional settings. They are:

  • Everyone in This Location
  • People Recently Traveling in This Location
  • People Recently in This Location
  • People Who Live in This Location

Who Should Advertise on Facebook?

It is not necessary that Facebook ads will offer lots of success to every type of business. You should properly check that Facebook is a good fit for your business model. New marketing channels keep on coming into the market, and you should test them for your business before the prices of the channels drive. The business with low friction conversion is successful with the Facebook ads. Also, the business models with the long cycle of sale process or small purchase get good results with Facebook ads. For example, you can consider the websites with daily deals and subscriptions that hold the customers for over six months or more.

Right Way To Target Facebook Ads

It is one of the common mistakes that most marketers make. They are not able to correctly target Facebook ads. You will get lots of targeting options with Facebook ads. You can easily target the audience of your choice. For example, you can focus on users that have visited your page or liked your post. There are some ways by which you can target users for your Facebook ads.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Connections
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Language

Each of these options are helpful in getting the right audience. Most marketers focus on the age, location, gender, and interests of the users. The location category helps you in targeting the audience with the specific country, state, and city that you want. If you select age, then you can choose some category customers such as 25 to 44. If you get good results with them, you can expand your age category.

Facebook Ads Pros

  • The wide features and pros of Facebook ads make it a good choice for increasing the visibility of the business.
  • You can create your own custom audience as per the target option.
  • It offers robust analytics about the performance of your ads.
  • You can easily target your exact audience.
  • You can create Facebook ads as per your objective.
  • It offers you the flexibility to reach a large number of audiences. 
  • You will receive new leads with Facebook ads.
  • It gives you an option to increase customer loyalty.

Ways To Track The Facebook Ads Performance

You will not find conversion tracking options with Facebook. The Ads Manager of Facebook is good for getting the data inside Facebook but does not offer the data about the users who have left your site. To get the right analysis about the performance of the Facebook ads, you will need some analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

  • For Conversion Tracking

It would be best if you separate your ads campaign on the basis of interest so that you can get a better conversion report. You can make use of the UTM Parameters to track the conversion of the ad campaign.

  • Performance Tracking

You have to check the performance of the campaign with respect to the Facebook interface. For that, you can calculate the click-through rate. Then, CTR decides what number of clicks you will receive and what will be the equivalent cost for that.

You should keep in mind that even the best ad campaign would come to decline at some time. If you have a smaller target, then it will result quickly. You will experience the drop in traffic after 3 to 10 days. When such a situation occurs, you should try to refresh the content and images of the ads by creating a duplicate copy of the existing ad.


Facebook is the largest social community that is getting popular day by day. It is equipped with many hidden gems and features that are often overlooked. Facebook advertising is a good marketing channel for the right type of business. You have to consider some points such as attractive images, low-friction conversion, targeted user specification, and other things. After some time, you will be able to experience a good conversion from Facebook.

If you want to experience the Facebook ads on your website, you can contact professionals of Marketing Sweet. We have well-experienced professionals that offer the best service as per their requirements. Our professionals use the right technique and process to generate more and more leads.

Get in touch with us at 08 8337 4340 to know more about our services. 

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