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Our Google Partner accreditation strengthens our position in the digital marketing space.

Google Partner is a program made specifically for advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals who manage AdWords accounts. Marketing Sweet’s Google Partner badge signifies that we have multiple employees who are certified in Google AdWords, allowing us to effectively manage your business’ AdWords account using empirically tested results based on extensive in-house experience. Marketing Sweet can provide businesses with superior positions reflecting Google’s algorithms, relative to AdWords ranking, keyword selection, ad placement, and individual budget. Our range of AdWords qualifications enable Marketing Sweet employees to continuously meet Google’s standards to uphold our Google Partner status. Our accreditation also highlights our work as being profitable to our clients, with each certified employee demonstrating sound skills and knowledge in positive and negative keywords, site links, ad extensions, ad scheduling, budget restraints, and more. When you choose Marketing Sweet, you will reap the benefits of our Google Partner status and high quality service.

Want to get your website on page 1 on Google?

Google Partner

How being a Google Partner improves our service

As a Google Partner, Marketing Sweet specialise in the following areas, all of which have overwhelming potential in business profitability and growth. Firstly, our expertise in Search Advertising (AdWords) allows us to create and optimise advertisements that appear in Google search results. Targeted to match key search terms, or ‘keywords’, our AdWords specialists at Marketing Sweet can increase the attractiveness of your ad by ‘crawling behind the eyes of the consumer’ and choosing only the most relevant phrases. Negative keywords are also applied to ensure you are not wasting money on irrelevant search terms. Marketing Sweet also offers mobile advertising to help you connect with potential customers on mobile devices as an increasingly popular search platform. Thirdly, our in-house videographer can create and publish video ad campaigns as a means of engaging consumers through high quality visual content. Our Google Partner badge also gives us access to over two million websites, so your display advertisement can appear wherever your audience is.

The most qualified Google Partner in Adelaide

Marketing Sweet’s extensive experience as a Google Partner has cemented our position in Australia’s digital marketing space. It would be crazy for you to invest valuable time and money in a marketing agency that is not an accredited Google partner. We know our service is the best, and we are constantly renewing and updating our capabilities to ensure we are the leaders in service, expertise, and affordability. Our certified staff have completed a series of exams and have consistently demonstrated their ability to manage AdWords campaigns efficiently using Google’s best practices. As a Google Partner, we are required to prove that we are employing best practices, and are constantly monitored by Google to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their ad spend. Marketing Sweet also have access to Google’s beta features, allowing us to try and test special features before they become available to our competitors. We stay one step ahead, so you can recognise the benefits of our Google Partner accreditation.

Google Partner
Let Marketing Sweet do all the hard work for you, while you sit back and watch your business grow with the help of our Google Partner badge. We guarantee to save you time and money while maximising your return on investment.
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