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Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines

You might be encountered several times with the word ‘Google search quality raters.’ What exactly does this mean, and how does it affect digital marketers?

In this post, we will provide you with information about the basic Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines so that you can arrange your website according to that.

Let’s dive in and get the desired information.

It is basically a document that is full with the list of all guidelines that are considered as a sole purpose for rating the website. But let’s be honest, there are a lot more things in this 168-page file. All conditions and guidelines are appropriately mentioned in the document that are considered at the time of rating the website.

Google has employed several people to check the website rating and prepare the report on the set parameters that the site is good or bad. Also, it becomes important to understand that these individuals are not responsible for offering any ranking to the websites. The quality rater does not impact the positioning of the websites directly.

But it has been a matter of argument in digital marketers that it affects the ranking of the website, and we also support this fact.

So what do quality checkers mostly look for?

The main almighty dollar that Google has is its algorithm. They prepare the report depending upon what Google demands from the websites and checking what their algorithm mainly focuses on. They make their judgment according – 

  • Needs Met
  • Page Quality

Both terms themselves deliver their meaning. ‘Needs Met’ implies the intent. Raters prepare the report depending upon answering the questions that how this webpage is helpful and satisfying. To get an answer to this, raters will visit every page result. Also, they can send signals to Google about the structure of the site, location results, demographics and several other factors that will impact the rating of the website.

The page quality is decided on the basis of several factors that are mostly interconnected with each other. Data collected from above is useful in changing the web page according to an algorithm so that it can rank high in the search result. The Need Met does not intend to have a decent quality page. However, it recommends that: its rating will be based on the query and result both.

There are some major elements that are preferred by the rating team for checking the Page Quality. And it includes:

  • Purpose of the Page

The main answer that raters try to find is what is the main motive to create this webpage. Mainly it can be for offering some beneficial information to readers. However, the other motive can include making money, scamming others, spreading miscommunication and other such things.

If the rater does not find the purpose of the webpage as beneficial, then the low-quality rating is offered to such a website.

  • Content of Page

The content on the web page serves different purposes. And while judging the content, they don’t go with the user-generated content such as comments from readers, user feedback. But if there is a completely offensive comment on your website, then it can hurt your rating. Instead, they go through the main content, supplementary content, and ads to get an idea about the quality of content.

  • Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) pages

Such web pages that can impact someone in terms of finance, safety, happiness, health then it comes under YMYL pages. The guidelines for such web pages are very strict for the quality factor. Some of the information that comes under this category are news, law, finance, shopping, civics, health and safety and other such things. Such web pages have experienced much of an impact with the recent algorithm updates.

  • E-A-T Rating

The acronym of E-A-T is Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is considered as the pillar of the quality rater guidelines. But it is very important to understand that it is not a ranking factor. It is calculated on the basis-

  • How deeply your content is written for the desired topic
  • Crediting every author for the awesome contribution
  • Being a reliable source of information for others in the same domain

The website related to the medical field should have medical field contributors. Similarly, tax-related websites should be having the opinion of accountants. The review page should contain the actual reviews of those who have used the product and services in the real manner.

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It is not required that every content should be written by professionals who have a degree in that field. Google terms this as ‘everyday experience.’ Also, to achieve authoritativeness, regard of websites and authors should be done. It can be done by using backlinks and writing quotes on third-party websites. It is well known that web pages that are useful receive mentions and links easily. It is considered a good way to offer well-deserved rewards for the team.

It is also stated that Google rates should check what other outside sources are saying about the particular website.

E-A-T rating of such websites remains high that

  • Add their sources
  • Add credential and bio of the author.
  • Having professional and expert authors
  • Presence of good reviews and reputation
  • Monetization And Authorship Of Content

Checkers also look for the source of information. Thus if you are a website owner, then you should include answers to all these questions:

  • Description About the content creator
  • What is the source of financing?
  • Who offers quotes?
  • Who is accountable for the website?

Users have all the right to know who is behind the maintenance and organization of the website and who is the owner.

All information on the website should be easily available and provide the desired information. There should be a Contact Us and About Us page on the website. If, in any case, you don’t wish to create these pages, then you can add these details in the FAQ section.

The partnership policies should be available on your website so that trustworthiness of your site increases. In addition, it offers monetization information to the readers.

  • Reputation Research

The website’s reputation is decided on the basis of users’ experience and experts’ opinions of that field. At the time of looking at the reputation of the website, the checkers give importance to how outside individuals view the website. For this, they prefer checking the review section, but if it is not found, raters are directed to go through the third-party source information. Because of this, it is said to take care of your website reputation everywhere.

It is our recommendation that you should not ever remove the negative links from your website. Such action will offer you penalization from Google.

Also, it is not required that the number of reviews or comments on your website. For example, a new website with only 2-3 reviews and few user accounts is not any serious issue. It is completely okay. But if the website owner is offering discounts, offers for writing reviews, or hires some individual to write fake reviews, these all will result in degradation in the quality score of the webpage.

As per the tracked mouse movement of the users, the exit-intent popup appears. It comes at the critical point when users are no longer interested in exploring your web page and are going to leave the webpage without doing any desired action.

The appealing visual of the popup offers some discounts or offers to stop customers from leaving the page. Most of the time, users share their details while downloading valuable assets. By this, the marketing team gets the desired data for retargeting them by using multiple marketing channels. By providing exit-intent popups, users can relate that someone is there to listen to their deep thoughts and offer the solution for that. It results in improving your brand interaction with your users.

It is very much relatable with online shopping as users mostly get interacted with the exit popups, which is good for both buyers and website owners.

These pop ups come under targeted marketing and effectively fulfil the goal by making users subscribe to their newsletter and email service and buy the product.

Rating For Page Quality

In the next 65 pages of the Google Search Quality Guideline, points about page quality are given. The rating for a page can be divided into low, low+, lowest, lowest+, medium, medium+, the high, high and lastly, the highest rating. The factors that influence the quality rating are:

Rating For Page Quality

  • The E-A-T score
  • The objective of the page and how the page has achieved it
  • Quantity and quality of main content
  • Information about content creators and if their information exists
  • Reputation score of the website

Mobile- Friendliness

The next 19 are mobile versions for the websites. We all give preference to mobile-friendly websites, and thus a mobile-friendly website should include:

Mobile- Friendliness

  • The right size text that can be read without zooming
  • Use of only such software that are compatible with the mobile devices
  • Content should easily adopt the mobile screen.
  • Proper placements of links that are easy to click

It is beneficial and worth investing the time and effort in fulfilling all the above criteria with your site. We are saying this because more than 60% of searches are made with the help of mobile devices.  

Needs Met

The need met scale is based on calculating the relevance and quality of the search results, and in the last 80 pages of Google Rating Guideline, it is described in detail.

The rating for Needs Met can be termed as Slightly Meets (SM), Fails to Meet (FailsM), Not Applicable, Fully Meets (FullyM), Highly Meets (HM), Moderately Meets (MM).

It is calculated on the basis of snippet content and webpage inside content. If in the result the score comes as Rich Result, then raters are directed to judge whether users will be interested in clicking on the link or not; if not, then the decision should only be taken on the basis of the content block.

  • Factors that influence the needs met rating are:
  • The query should be accurate and completely answered.
  • Relevance of information
  • The mobile-friendly aspect of the page
  • Rating related with the page quality

If a site gets a “Fails to meet” rating, then it does not imply that site visibility will be low overall, but it implies that its visibility is only less in the unrelated searches. Google only tries to provide the relevant answer when any query is searched. Thus it is recommended to get the high rate for needs met to get in the search result for answering the desired queries.


We hope that with this blog, you might have grasped some information about Google desired quality factors. Now you can easily make your website of high quality in the eyes of Google. Although if you need some help with the other Google considerable factors, then you can contact SEO experts of Marketing SweetWe remain updated with all the latest guidelines and rules of Google. Our associates will easily solve your query. You can connect with them at 08 8337 4340.

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