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How to apply Graphic Design Adelaide properly

Sometimes even the fundamentals are all that’s needed to help design simple concepts for images or logos to use for your blog posts, social media, online and offline advertisements. You will just need to get familiarised with the best practices, which will benefit your business’s graphic design Adelaide practices.

We’ve covered 5 graphic design tips that are here to help non-designers or beginners with essential fundamentals. Take this advice on board to be on your way to producing meaningful designs.

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Step 1. Think about who the designs for

Graphic Design Adelaide

When designing, always remember the target audience. As a marketing agency we believe it is always important concept to ‘crawl behind the eyes of the consumer’, as we like to say. This will help conceptualise and produce a design that your audience wants to see and may be the factor that will convert them into a potential client.

Step 2. Plan your design

Remember to know the purpose of your design and understand how your viewers will perceive it. What mediums will your design be advertised on? Conduct research and cater your design to the medium it will be advertised on. Additionally, create a short plan as to how you are going to create the design and what concepts will work best for your business.

Graphic Design Adelaide

Step 3. Use a good selection of colour palette and fonts

Graphic Design Adelaide

The best designs that appeal to many consumers today will tend to have beautiful and different colour schemes. That’s why it is very important for you to put emphasis in the thought and ideas of choosing the right colour palette for your design.

There are many websites that provide a variety to pick a colour palette that will work best for you such as Colour Lovers, Coolors and Adobe Color who will provide endless options.

Limit your font selection to only 2 fonts, using one font for the header and another font as the body. This will avoid the frustration of using too many combinations and help keep it plain simple.

Step 4. Align and space your objects

Your designs need to be aligned in a presentable order that looks professional and draws attention. It’s important to disregard sizes and utilise proper alignment that will give your image or ad a strong presentation. Ensure that you use the grid lines precisely, so that your objects are presented consistent across all designs.

Use lines and spaces to help create an overall order in the design. Lines can also be used as separators, which gives coordination and planning within its presentation.


Step 5. Use Icons!

Graphic Design Adelaide

Using the correct icons will help support your message and add more detail to your design’s presentation. At Marketing Sweet we use icons frequently in our website and advertisement designs, which gives a greater presentation and supports our written content.

Step 6. Less is More!

It is better to keep your designs simple. Sometimes too many elements can crowd your artwork and can turn your beautiful design into a disaster. It’s necessary to use colors, but sometimes negative or blank space can go a long way, making your final work to be presentable and eye catching to your intended audience.

Graphic Design Adelaide
I would like to thank Christopher Gimmer who have provided a remarkable article and inspired my written piece. Find the link here: https://blog.snappa.com/graphic-design-tips/

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