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Why Web designers always need to apply the right Graphic Design Websites

Graphic design today has become a critical part in making the design of a website ‘aesthetically’ pleasing for each viewer. As we say at my company, ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’, which makes your website and graphic design …your make or break moment. That’s why it is always important to know you are using the right concepts that will keep viewers interested and continue lure traffic to your webpage. Here are 4 effective tips to help apply simple Graphic Design websites concepts to your website.

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Graphic Design Websites

Use the Right Fonts

It is such a simple concept, that many websites fail to execute. A website always needs to provide clarity in design and readability. Try to trial different styles and pick a unique one that will work well for your project. Avoid your standard dull default fonts that are easily found on simple platforms such as Microsoft Word, explore more fonts on free online websites like Dafont.


Limit your font selection to only 2 fonts to be specific use one font for the header and another font as the body. This will avoid the frustration of using too many combinations and help keep it plain simple.

Colour Pop

The best graphic design websites that appeal to many consumers today will tend to have beautiful and different colour schemes. We find that it is very important for you to put emphasis in the thought and ideas of choosing the right colour palette for your design.

If you want to capture your viewer’s attention, you need to use the right colour pop technique. With the creation of many graphic design websites, we find that high contrasting palettes and lively background colours are proven to be the most effective.

Graphic Design Websites
Graphic Design Websites

Consistent Icons and Images

It is important to use images that will help define your written content and add more detail to your design’s presentation. High quality images need to be consistent throughout the design and correct icons will help support your message.

The best process is to produce images from a photo-shoot via a web photographer. Don’t heavily rely on online image websites like Shutterstock and Unsplash, which may or may not have the image you are looking for to use on your website.

Simplicity Is The Key!

What we see occur rapidly in web design today is that many websites complicate their graphic and web design to be effective and aesthetically pleasing. We believe the ones that catch the consumer eye, are the ones that are plain and simple.

You need to be critical and remove features that don’t directly add value to your site – this includes unnecessary links and information that customers don’t need to know until they’re in the next phase of the buying process. Sometimes too many added features and special effects can turn your beautiful design into a disaster, so don’t over complicate your design!

Graphic Design Websites
I would like to thank Saikiran GVR who provided a remarkable article and inspired my written piece. Find the link here: https://reportgarden.com/2018/01/05/graphic-design-tips/

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