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Growing Your Business Through Organic Traffic

Have you ever asked a business owner what they would like most in the world? They will probably tell you that they want more customers and more traffic to their websites. However, with millions of websites on the internet, growing your business through organic traffic is challenging. You must put a working system in place. A half-baked approach to SEO will only yield meagre results and we are sure no business owner would want that. You can drive more organic traffic to your site if you approach modern SEO in the right way. Here are some tips to help you grow your business through organic traffic. 

Research User Questions You Can Use for Keyword Research

Most conversations between strangers begin with a question. You ask questions because you’re feeling someone out and trying to understand them. The same principle applies when working on your SEO strategies. People go to Google every day to ask questions. You can research user questions and leverage them in your keyword search. If you want to find trending questions on Google, type your main keyword into the search box and hit enter. You will find some questions under the “People also ask” section. 

These search results tell you that most people are interested in these specific questions, so answering them will probably help your target audience. The next best thing to do is combine these questions with your keywords to create a title. Building a successful organic traffic system comes down to answering user questions.

Target Long-tail keywords

Growing Your Business Through Organic Traffic

Most people will tell you that writing great content will drive organic traffic to your site. While this is true, you may be waiting a while for that traffic to arrive. Getting several visitors is much easier if you’re proactive and target long-tail keywords. 

After Google rolled out the Panda update, SEO experts discovered that long-tail keywords drove the traffic to websites. Long-tail keywords are three or four-word phrases that indicate that a user is close to making a purchase or deciding on an action. Something like “best builder in Adelaide” or “best place for dentistry” can go a long way in increasing organic traffic. 

When properly integrated with your content, long-tail keywords can help you connect with your customers and generate targeted traffic. In SEO, targeted traffic is better than generic traffic. You can also use long-tail keywords to create compelling titles. However, do not forget about the user intent since Google is more interested in user intent. 

Evoke Emotions

Creating an emotional connection with your readers is another primary way to increase the organic traffic to your business. Evoking emotions allows your users to connect with you authentically. Some want to read your blog, post it and share it with friends, while others want to know you, work with you, or engage you to solve their problems. 

Moreover, the primary focus of SEO is to create content that means something and prompts the reader to share your work, your business or you with others. If you want to gain influence, persuade, or motivate users to click, read, and share your content, you must understand emotions and how to bring them about through content. Evoking feelings of laughter, pain or surprise through your content can gain you more social media shares, which is a big part of marketing your business in 2021.

Growing Your Business Through Organic Traffic

Search for  Winning Headlines and Make Them Better

When running a business website, you must compete for your readers’ attention. Remember that millions of blog posts and videos are created each day. As such, you only have two options; draw readers in with your headlines or lose them. Learn how to write headlines that people want to click on or share on social media and you will increase traffic to your site. 

Research suggests that 80% of users will read the title of your blog post, but only 20% will read the content. As such, a user-optimised title is crucial to increasing conversions. One thing to note here is that Google will search for algorithms, however, people will look for pages that help them, not boost your search traffic. 

Start writing for people and not the search engine. People are the ones who will subscribe to your list, click your links, buy your products and spread the word about what you offer. Begin by understanding your audience, look for headlines that have gone viral in the past and then model them to create compelling headlines. 

Growing Your Business Through Organic Traffic

Research Your Topic

Every marketer knows that writing content that engages readers is far more complicated than it seems. This does not mean that you can ignore content, as it is a driving factor for increasing organic traffic. 

One way to create great content is to research your topic before writing and then put your unique spin on the topic. We understand that your niche has a lot of competition, but you can still build a successful online business and increase your organic search traffic. The secret is to approach your topic from a fresh angle. For instance, you may realise that most of your competitors are writing blog posts. You can use a different approach and write advanced guides. Always go beyond personal opinions. Instead, challenge every assumption and research extensively. You do not have to worry about competitors when you take a unique angle. Even when your competitors have written extensively on every keyword in your niche, you can still write unique content that stands out and ultimately increase traffic to your site. 

Create Engaging and Shareable Content

For you to create engaging and shareable content, you have to look at content marketing strategically. To engage someone is to draw them in, so do this with your content as if you’re having a direct conversation with them and get them interested in what you are saying. This is essentially what content marketing is, but a lot of people struggle to do this successfully. 

Engaging content will generate more organic traffic, more social media shares and better search engine rankings. Google will not rank your site highly if you create half-baked content or are inconsistent with your content. You can measure your engagement by looking at the number of comments your post receives, social media shares and quality of the links and brand mentions. 

Every piece of content you create brings you closer to your target audience. You learn new things about them as you continue engaging them. You get to know their interests and you can leverage this to create future content. When your reader leaves a comment, do not rush for a quick “thanks” reply. Look beyond the comment and find their intent. This will help you create better high-quality content for your next blog post. 

Growing Your Business Through Organic Traffic

Include Data and Visuals

The majority of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. If you look at viral content, you will discover that most content creators make use of appealing visual assets like infographics and images. Strive to include data in your content. If you say that you can drive 50,000 visitors to a blog, back up that claim somewhere. Otherwise, your readers will start to view you as just another online con who is only after their money. 

Make your content data-driven by providing proof of every factual assertion you state. You can prove this by using your study or third-party data. You can also add some anecdotes by getting people excited about your topic. Everyone loves entertainment and you can achieve this by adding relatable stories that are informative, which leads to people sharing your content. 

Invest in Link Building to Grow Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority tells you how well your site ranks on Google compared to other businesses in your industry. Domain Authority and your rating score range from 1-100. If you have a low rating, you can increase it by acquiring excellent backlinks and publishing rich content. Backlinks signal to Google that another resource finds your content valuable. Google also infers your site as valuable and worthy to rank well on the SERPs. 

You can earn backlinks through three primary ways; natural, manual and self-created links. Natural links are given without any action from the website owner. Manual links are acquired through link activities, for instance, if you reach out to a website owner and request a link. Self-created links are produced when site owners add a backlink to their content. 

Get Active on Social Media

Growing Your Business Through Organic Traffic

Actively engage with your audience. Do not just wait around for people to share your content while you never log in to your Facebook or Twitter account. You must participate in the community. Open at least three different social medial accounts and join group discussions with relevant hashtags. If your readers leave comments on your posts, answer their questions and engage them with interesting topics. Remember that nothing turns users off quicker than using social media as a broadcast channel. Use social media as it was intended and interact with your audience. 

Although the actions taken to create organic traffic to your business are difficult, you will undoubtedly grow your business if you adopt the right approach. Be consistent and patient, as you may not see success today or tomorrow. Conversely, if you’re looking for a professional to help you with your SEO practices, Marketing Sweet specialises in growing businesses.

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