How to Improve the UX of Your Website?

When starting business, having an online presence is absolutely vital—and this starts with a website. Websites serve as online sources of information offered by business enterprises to the end users. The visitors that turn up to your site should be provided with a unique UX (User Experience) while navigating through the products and services available on the portal. If you wish to improve the web design for your site, you might consider hiring professional services from a reliable web design company to ensure you tock all the right boxes!

UX design is regarded as the process of enhancing the satisfaction of the end users by improving usability, accessibility, and efficiency of user interactions on the site. Good UX helps more visitors to move across the web elements seamlessly. Moreover, it also helps in giving your site improved clarity and intuitiveness while increasing conversions at the same time. If you’re receiving help from a reliable web design company, here are some of factors they should consider to improve the experience for your users!


1. Allow Ample White Space

When it comes to website designing, you have to be careful not to overwhelm your traffic with visual components. Creating a margin around the site’s content (referred to as negative space) will make the images and texts stand out, while clearly segregating the different sections to help people absorb that information better. Studies show that padding titles (as well as texts) with white spaces can help retain user attention by up to 20 percent! Overall, adequate spacing will make your site clean, open, and easy to use & navigate for your users.

2. Improve Page Loading Speed

Another important aspect of the UX design for your site is the page loading speed. Visitors are highly impatient and expect fast and easy access to the information they want. It was revealed that around 40 percent of visitors will leave a web page if it takes over three seconds to load properly. Alternatively, web pages that load up within 1-2 seconds are known to have huge impact on conversion rates, so it’s worth investing in professional help to ensure every measure has been taken to decrease your load speed.

3. Responsive Design

In the modern era, smartphones are known to be one of the main portals for incoming web traffic. To accommodate the growing number of smart phone users, you should aim to improve the UX of your site by making it responsive and user-friendly across all devices. Make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of your mobile-friendly design and utilize interactive elements to make contact easy—like “click to call” features.

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To ensure you’ve accounted for all elements that will improve your UX, it’s recommended that you seek out professional help from a web design company. As we always say, the best approach is 80% research and 20% implementation! So you need to know exactly what your audience expect form your business.

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