How to Introduce SEO Into Your Marketing Strategy

Are you in search for the right SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy for your online business? A professional SEO company is the best option to effectively achieve the results you’re after! A refined and consistent SEO strategy will help drive organic traffic to your website. While having a finalised SEO website is vital in generating leads, it is equally as important that the SEO for your website is integrated with other marketing strategies you have running at the same time.

SEO efforts carried out by a professional SEO company (including on-page optimisation, content optimisation, and competitive keywords research) combined with other marketing efforts, will help your business to reach target groups across multiple channels. Here are some ways to introduce SEO into the marketing strategy for your business:

How to Introduce SEO Into Your Marketing Strategy

1. Using AdWords to Analyse data

Starting out with pay per click (PPC) campaigns is a great way to isolate and identify which keywords have the most potential to drive your SEO success. Analyzing your data and observing which ads have the highest click-through-rate will assist in determining the basis for your page titles and meta descriptions.

2. Utilize Paid Social Advertisements for Measuring the Performance

Paid social advertisements include everything from sponsored tweets and Facebook ads, to Facebook retargeting and sponsored Instagram posts. To boost the prospects of your strategy, it’s important to focus on communicating a synchronized message across all of your platforms.

3. Integrating Google & Facebook Remarketing

The concept of remarketing in SEO helps your business to reach out to the audience that has previously visited your website. When you integrate the SEO efforts with social media remarketing strategies, you can accelerate the calls that will help the end users in making a correct buying decision. You can safeguard running the remarketing programs or campaigns both through Facebook and Google AdWords. Making use of the remarketing campaign in Google AdWords can help in providing access to the users with the help of Google AdSense network.

4. Optimise the Content

There is no clear solution that will help your website rank to the top especially with the countless number of services available. However, to peak above your competitors, there are a few tips and tricks that will help in optimising your content. First, we highly recommend using a plugin called Yoast. This plugin gives you feedback on the readability of your content and provides you with an SEO score. It will grade you on factors such as keyword use, active voice and sentence length to ensure your content is likely to be recognised by Google! It is important to make sure the content is both relevant and interesting as this will keep your audience engaged.

Use these top tips to ensure the best SEO efforts for your online business!

How to Introduce SEO Into Your Marketing Strategy
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