Improving the Navigation of Your Website

You have created a website, designed it, and posted the content. Now what? Do you think optimizing your website for search engines is enough to get good search engine rankings? It is important to note that you have created a website for your potential customers, not search engines. Therefore, it’s important to improve the overall functionality of the website to make it presentable and user-friendly.

Ask any web design company, and they’ll tell you the importance of your website’s navigation. Website navigation is one of the most crucial factors of a successful website. Before we discuss the tips on improving your website’s navigation, let’s have a quick look at its meaning.eo


What is Website Navigation?

In simplest terms, website navigation is the internal links of your website that help search engines find and crawl new pages. The main purpose of website navigation is to make it easier for your visitors to find other posts on your website. Here are some tips on improving your website’s navigation:

1. Try to Keep it as Consistent as Possible

Every time you post new content, make sure that you add some links to your previous content in it. You don’t have to place it everywhere forcefully, instead, include it wherever it fits naturally. By doing so, you are directing your visitors to other pages of your website. Besides, search engines highly encourage internal linking strategy. It not only gives a boost to your website’s ranking, but helps search engines find the connection between the posts on your website. Asking a web design company for assistance will ensure consistency in your website’s navigation.

2. Divide Categories

Have you ever seen a blog with multiple categories? Let’s sayyou started a blog on lifestyle and are also planning to cover certain categories and sub-categories such as health, fashion, beauty, relationships, and parenting. Conversely, adding posts on different categories disturb the neatness and navigation of your website unless you have added category sections.

Adding categories to your website is super simple. But if you find it difficult, you can hire a web design company and divide the posts of your website as per their categories. Not only will this improve your website navigation, it will make your page look more presentable.

Changed from ‘This won’t only improve your website navigation but make your page look more presentable’

3. Add ALT Text to the Clickable Images

Adding alternative text (ALT text),is important for all the images you add. This allows the visitors (who are unable to see the particular image on your website) to know what exactly the image is. If you are displaying the images that direct the users to some other website, then adding ALTtext is imperative. Additionally, you should create an accurate navigational title to help your users get a basic idea of what they will seewhen they click the link.

If done properly, website navigation can result in better SEO performance and more conversions. On the contrary, poor navigation can hurt your SEO ranking and result in bad customer experience. Hire a web design company and improve your website’s navigation.

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