Which Is Best – Long Domain Names vs Short Domain Names?

Planning to buy the domain name for your new business website and not sure which URL, short or long, will be good for your business? 

We hear these types of questions many times. So to help you to some extent in making the decision on which is better, short domain or long domain, we have brought this article. A domain name is a memorable, simple address that individuals type in their address bars or browsers when searching for sites. An enlisted domain name is unique for every user and can not be used by another site. 

Which Is Best - Long Domain Names vs Short Domain Names?

Consider it the road address of your home. It’s the manner by which individuals discover you on the web. It is a web asset that online associations and web workers perceive. You can purchase a good domain name from the registrar. However, you have to pay a yearly expense for it, similar to a lease or rent. If you do not provide the renewal fee, then it will stop working. 

Also, you can not do any changes to your domain name once you get it registered. Thus you need to be very attentive while selecting the domain name so that you can fulfil your business goal with that. 

In this article, we are providing some of the effective information that will help you in choosing the right one. 

What is a Domain Name?

The name that your users will type in Google along with the TLD specification is termed as the domain name. It is used to find the website online. For example, if you type https://archive.marketingsweet.com.au in the search bar, you will land on our homepage. This is the domain name. Like every shop in the market has the physical address, in the same manner, the online websites have domain names so that users can find them online.

What is a Domain Name

When you get your mind fixed on the name of your new website, you can proceed to register the domain name for your website. It is not a costly process to purchase and register the domain name. However, you have to pay a renewal fee on a yearly basis to keep the domain name live. The fees of renewal depending on the domain you have selected, such as .com, .com.au, .co etc. Depending upon the TLD, you have to pay from $5 all the way up to $100+.

What Are The Benefits Of The Short Domain Name?

You must be wondering how a short domain name can be good for your business. So let us explain to you. The domains that are less than 15 characters or less are short domains. You will find that these domains are composed of two, three words and are much easier to remember than the longer domain name. This implies that when you are advertising your domain across different platforms such as social media, radio, television, or print, then it becomes easier for the users to remember the name, and they can browse easily. Thus it is very clear that short domain names are easier to remember and effective in building brand recognition in less time than larger domain names. 

What Are The Benefits Of Long Domain Names?

It is also not a bad idea to think about the long domain name. There are several benefits that long domain names have that short domain names do not possess. The first one is that you can use the complete brand in your domain name if you have a large business name. Secondly, in the year 2021, you will find it easy to register the domain names of your own choice. At the current time, you will not find a domain name that is of four characters or less than this for sale in the market. For example, if you love to register the domain name as marketingsweet.com.au, but as the name has been already taken, then you can go with the marketingsweetnetwork.com.au. When you register for a longer domain name, then the chance of registering your brand name increases. Also, one of the biggest advantages is that you can add your targeted keyword to the domain name. Also, as per the latest changes in the Google algorithm, having a target keyword in the domain is considered the preferential procedure by the SERPs. By adding keywords in the domain name, you are providing a clear picture to Google of what they can expect from your website.  

Is Having Keywords In Domain Name Important?

We have explained this above and again providing you with the idea that having keywords in the domain name is preferred by the search engines. You can have exact match or partial match domain names. You will have all your keywords in the domain name in the exact match domain name, such as carpet cleaning.com.au. Whereas in the partial matching domain name, you will have a keyword that is partially describing your business, such as kingcarpetservice.com.au. So it is not compulsory that you should have your business name in the domain name. But we are also not saying that having them in the URL has a bad impression. 

Long Domain Vs Short Domain

Short Domain Name

  • It is easy to remember.
  • Better from the users perspective
  • Users will easily recall them and can explore them easily.
  • It helps in building brand recognition.
Long Domain Vs Short Domain

Long Domain Name

  • You can include the target keyword in the domain name.
  • Higher chance of availability
  • Easy to deliver the business idea to Google. 
  • Easily available for registration. 

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Should You Choose The Long Domain Name Or The Short Domain Name?

The domain name of your website is your online personality. In this way, you ought to pick it so that it intently addresses your business. It is a good practice to coordinate the domain name to the business name. Be that as it may, while attempting to do this, your domain name may wind up being excessively long. 

Long domain names are not terrible accordingly, but rather they are hard to recall, type, and recollect. At the point when the online address is too difficult to even think about spelling and type, it antagonistically influences client experience. Such names can befuddle individuals, along these lines influencing your online perceivability and achievement. In this way, it is smarter to keep away from a long time ago, muddled domain names except if it is urgent for your marking. 

We prompt you to pick a domain name that mirrors the assistance or merchandise that you are offering. Also, you should try to keep it as short as could be expected. If you go with the domain name that incorporates your image name + a word that insinuates the item or services you are offering, it would be better for your business.

You should pick something that will be simple for buyers to recollect and something that will not be difficult to review on the internet if you have utilized different types of publicizing. Short, punchy domain names that are illustrative of the brand are easier to understand and enthusiastically suggested. In the SEO community, it is still a matter of argument which is better: the long domain name or short domain name. With the large number of enrolled domain names in the last decade, it is getting progressively hard to track down an appropriate domain name. 

It will be our suggestion that if you get five or ten distinctive names that you could utilize and discuss with friends, family or employees to hear a fair-minded point of view. We are again advising you that you should not get into the argument of which is the best long domain name or short domain name. You should pick a domain name that mirrors the items or services you will sell and work around that.

Final Words

Having a short domain or long domain name does not have much effect on SEO success in 2021 and beyond. If you want to achieve better SEO success for your business, you can contact the SEO Adelaide professionals of Marketing Sweet. For many years we have been helping our clients to get the better domain name for their business with the partial match, exact match, no match, long domain name, and short domain names. Having a strong and SEO-friendly website is much more important than choosing the domain names. If you would like to talk with an SEO specialist about your website’s existing or new domain, then give a call on 08 8120 4057. We are always available to make our clients happy and satisfied. 

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