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Must-Have Content Marketing Tools For Every Marketer

Looking for content marketing tools to upgrade your website content for better conversion?

Luckily you will find a long list of content marketing tools that will fulfill your objective. You will find a few of them with paid features and a few without any cost. But isn’t it exciting that we get solutions to our problems using the software? These softwares are designed to make digital marketers’ lives a little easier.

We all know that content is king for any webpage, and in digital marketing, you should use informative content that should meet the requirements of the users. So using advanced tools is effective in getting user-oriented content.

What Is Content Marketing?

The process to reach a large number of audiences with effective content promotion comes under content marketing. Content marketing can be done with videos, audio, GIFs, infographics, blogs, articles, PPTs, PDFs, and many more. The main purpose of content marketing is to offer the right information to users and get the lead conversion. The competition sustains, and the reach of your business increases with the correct promotion of content. 

What Is Content Marketing
  • The conversion rate increases six times with good content marketing. 
  • Customer engagement on websites gets improved. 
  • Individuals love to enquire about a product after reading the relevant content. 
  • Having video on the home page improves the conversion rate.
  • The customer support team may not be available, but your web page content is available all time to help readers.

Here we are listing some of our favorite content marketing tools that will help you in improving your website ranking. In addition, you will experience growth in your business with these content marketing tools.

1. HubSpot

With HubSpot, you will get different marketing features like powerful form builder, live chat, chatbots, popup tools, WordPress plugins to make content management systems more powerful. In addition, it offers you the ease of centralizing everything in the most effective way. So at each and every level of your organization’s growth, HubSpot has something to deliver.

2. Keyword Finder

If you don’t optimize your content according to the right keywords, then you can not stand high in the ranking. Getting keywords that have high search volume but have low competition is a little hard to get. To make this work a little easier, Google Adwords is present. It is one of the most popular keyword research tools that is preferred for getting the right keywords. Its chrome extension is also available; thus, you can install it in your chrome. By this, you will be able to get the idea about the volume, CPC, and competition rate of the selected keywords. You will discover new keywords while browsing the net.

3. WordPress

It is the world’s most popular CMS that holds the largest number of users. In a report, it is found that WordPress covers nearly 30% of the web. You might be knowing that WordPress is considered the powerful tool for the beginning phase and growing phase of your business. It is because this CMS is open source and offers easy access to users in terms of hosting and creating websites. You can easily develop any website according to your taste with the availability of plugin architecture and templates. As a result, it is the topmost preference of the bloggers.

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4. Google Docs

Google doc is the place where everything is prepared before presenting it to readers. For a content marketer, it means the same as what kitchen means to chefs. It is easy to use, and it offers a very pleasant experience with inbuilt features. You can access your doc file everywhere and anytime easily. It is free and ubiquitous, so we don’t think there is any reason NOT to use Google docs.

5. Airstory

One of the powerful platforms for writers is Airstory. Being a writer, you can use it to step up your writing skills. It offers you the ease of saving your quotes, multimedia files, and images. You can drag and drop these files to your desired location. It will act as a good choice for the writer who wants to create books or ebooks. There is an availability of plugins on Airstory that offers you the ease to export content into WordPress. Also, it works perfectly with other popular softwares.

Content Marketing Tools (1)


6. Grammarly

If you love to write, then you must have heard about Grammarly. It has helped a lot of content creators with its awesome features. Grammar mistakes, punctuation, capitalization, suggestions for other words, and other things come with Grammarly. It will save you from embarrassment by correcting the silly mistakes in the content. If you are a beginner, then you must try Grammarly. You will really enjoy lots of benefits and easiness to complete your articles and blogs with Grammarly. Even though we also use Grammarly for getting grammatically correct content. It follows technical technologies to improve the writing pattern of individuals. You will learn a lot with this content marketing tool.   

7. Yoast

Yoast comes under the top choice tools for digital marketers. It is effective in creating SEO-oriented content. In simple terms, you can say it is an absolute SEO tool that can do everything, including keyword optimization, meta tag edition, slug for URL, suggestion about internal links, and many more. Till now, more than 9,000,000 individuals have downloaded this and rated it as 4.9 out of 5 stars. Individuals who use WordPress love to install yoast plugins. If you are still not familiar with this, then we recommend you try it to see the results. 

8. Ahrefs

Almost all digital marketers use this tool for optimizing their website content. We also use it on a per-day basis. You get the option of tracking keywords, reviewing competitor keywords, and traffic for that. You will always find a new feature left to explore with Ahref. You can not become a master in accessing the functionality of this tool. Its report section gives you an idea regarding the top-ranking pages, and the content gap offers you a view regarding the keywords used by competitors to rank well in the SERPs. By analyzing these things, you can improve your website performance and conversion.

9. Copyscape

It is one of the great content marketing tools that is good in getting plagiarism-free content. This tool thoroughly looks at the web to identify the similar and duplicate content in your article. Sometimes writers copy content from other sites and use it in their own articles. This thing is not acceptable and comes under the plagiarized content. Copyscape will tell you the percentage of content that is copied from other websites. Having unique and original content on a website is very important as it builds your brand recognition. Therefore, it has become quite important to check the plagiarism of the content before publishing it on a website. 

10. Canva

The list of content marketing tools does not get completed without adding an image and graphic creator tool. It is not necessary that all content should be delivered in the form of text. Rather than Canva, you can use images to deliver your content. We all know that the presence of visuals and color increases the willingness of the readers to stay on the webpage. This is a drag and drop tool that offers you the ease to create awesome images for your blogs and articles. You can also create images and share them on social media. If you are new to this field, then also do not worry because you will get a huge option of templates that can fulfill your needs.

11. BuzzSumo

Last but not least, we have Buzzsumo on our list. It is a powerful tool that is well fit for multiple uses. Buzzsumo helps in analyzing the content with respect to any topic or competitors’ keywords. You can divide the key areas of BuzzSumo into content research, influencer research, media monitoring, and content discovery. Depending upon your goal, you can go with them. You will find it great to create high-quality marketing campaigns for your website. The presence of curation tools, advanced data filters, social media content review, and many more will help you a lot. It gives a real-time alert, and you will be able to know the popularity of the selected topics.


The list of content marketing tools is never-ending. With the development in technologies and techniques, you will find new tools day after day. By using these tools, the work of digital marketers gets simplified to some extent. These tools are useful in saving time and effort. 

If you want to achieve better and optimized content, then you can contact professionals of Marketing Sweet. We can help you to come up with different content ideas to attract readers to your website. Our digital marketers use images, infographics, and other engaging content to improve visitor time on your web page. You will find us a perfect fit for your business as we work according to the requirements and needs of customers.

Don’t hesitate to resolve your queries with us. You can give us a call at 08 8337 4340 to know more about our services.

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