Our 5 Top-Rated Ted-Talks on Website Design

Are you launching a new site? When it comes to designing your site, hiring services from a professional web design company can help you out. As a professional web designer or business owner, you can come across design inspiration from an array of sources.

One of the major sources of inspiration for your web designing portfolio while hiring services from a web design company, Ted Talks serve to be a major platform from wherein you can get ample ideas with respect to web designing and development of your site. Ted Talks are great platforms that allow you to attend specific events and develop relevant ideas to implement in your life or business.


Video talks on a typical Ted Talk session can last for anywhere between some couple of minutes to several hours at a stretch. Moreover, the Ted Talks involving the role of a relevant web design company in Adelaide can be used for discussing a myriad of topics related to web designing and development. If you wish to enrich your knowledge about professional web designing, here are some of the best Ted Talks that you can go through:

1. Matthew Carter on “My Life in Typefaces”

Typefaces tend to be all around us all the time. However, how many of you are aware of how & why particular typefaces came into existence? The typeface legend Matthew Carter recently gave an inspirational Ted Talk on the topic “My Life in Typefaces.” In the given inspirational Ted Talk, Matthew emphasized how modern changing technology tends to impact typefaces on his long professional career. Right from photo media to the digital media, web, and desktop screen, Carter advises the web designers to think about the existing relationship to technology. He also emphasizes about how constraints can inspire the overall creativity as well as the production of high-end web designs.

2. Tom Wujec

If you’ve got a wicked problem with web designing, you can ask the particular web design company to sit down and make the toast through his inspirational Ted Talk. Tom makes use of his Ted Talk time for revealing the unexpected truths about the way designers perceive elements in a web design scenario. He explains that by adopting the approach of interactive web designing, the designers can resolve all wicked problems and reveal the high-end mental models that were otherwise hidden before.

3. Tony Fadell

In the light-hearted, inspiring Ted Talk, namely “The First Secret of Design is… Nothing,” Tony Fadell aims at tackling the problem of habituation for web designers. Tony is a leading Ted Talk speaker and iPod & Nest thermostat creator who is well-known for his refreshing, light-weight Ted Talks.

4. Don Norman

Being a father of ample web design experience, Don Norman delivers his Ted Talk on “3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy.” Don aims at discussing his theory of emotion as well as showing objects that provide functional results.

5. Sebastian Deterding

With his Ted Talk “What Your Designers Say About You,” Sebastian says that web design can reveal the deepest values and moral codes.

Make the most of the inspirational Ted Talks by web design leaders of the world.

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