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Google is a big part of anyone who spends time on the internet on a daily basis, and our Adwords consultant Darwin, knows this. The search engine that started from a garage has successfully managed to cover 86.6% of the search engine market – the greatest by all margins. So much that when you look up Google on Google, it is being described as a verb for looking up things on the internet. That’s how significant the impact is!

But how has Google managed to achieve this? Overstating the dominance of Google on the search engine market seems impossible. However, this rise to great success did not come at no cost or effort for Google. It has always focused on making the user experience as smooth as possible. By providing users with the most relevant search results, it has gained the confidence of the masses. Constant updates to its algorithms allow it to always stay on top and improve by the day.

It uses tools such as Google Analytics to understand user behavior. More importantly, it helps them show better results based on the location, gender, preferences, etc., using the data on hand. In simpler terms, Google has the willingness and ability to know what the user wants.

As a result of this, business is focusing more of their attention to Google Adwords, which helps to rank higher on the search engine’s result. With such an outstanding share of the market using Google to do searches, investing in Google Adwords Darwin seems like the best way to go. However, businesses still need to consider the fact that with such a vast market comes high levels of competition.

Wiser, professional, and practical investment of PPC Darwin can produce significant results for any business. However, research and analytical expertise are required for which one can hire someone else to make the most out of the biggest search engine in the world.

To ensure that we create the best Google Adwords Darwin strategy for you and your business we use different software such as SEMRush to see the traffic data. SEMRush allows us to find out who your competitor is targeting, the tone of voice and language they are using, your competitor’s market share compared to yours, the marketing channels that are your competitor’s main source of traffic, competitor’s advertising strategy, competitor’s content marketing strategy, how much engagement your competitor’s content get and its creates a competitive analysis matrix for your competitor. This tool gives you the best advantage to succeed with PPC Darwin advertising as you have full access to what your competitors are doing, so you can outsmart them to get ahead and rank higher than them.

It is important to be aware of what your competitors are doing so you know what advertising strategy to use, to ensure you are more successful and have more traffic driving to your website. Knowing how your competitors are targeting and what main channels are your competitor’s main source of traffic is important to take into consideration, especially if you are targeting the same people. 

We use our tools to see what keywords your competitors are using, so we can also get in front of the same people to make sure we give you the highest chance of a conversion.

At Marketing Sweet,  the best PPC agency Darwin, we have the latest tools and software, to be across exactly what your competitors are doing so you don’t have to do the research. We have the skills to identify when your competitor is changing their advertising strategy, this allows you to change yours to make sure you are still getting in front of your target audience to increase traffic to your website.

Google is probably the first place you search when you want to buy anything online. In most cases, this happens on your smartphone rather than your desktop. Besides being the most popular online marketplace, Google is also the largest marketing machine. Google Adwords has revolutionised the way businesses sell their products and services online.

WordPress began as a blogging tool and evolved into a powerful website builder and a powerful content management system (CSM). The best thing about WordPress is that it is flexible and easy to use. WordPress benefits Google Adwords in several ways, especially since it is SEO friendly. Designers write WordPress using standard compliance high-quality code that produces semantic markup, making it ideal for Google. As such, WordPress sites tend to rank high. Google Adwords allows you to add it to WordPress to advertise your website and get paid.

WordPress is free software, meaning you can download, install, use, and modify it as you wish. Using it in conjunction with Google Adwords Darwin is also hassle-free since you do not have to deal with advertisers. Google administrators maintain a working relationship with advertisers, and they will collect money, take their service fee, and send the rest to you. Google AdWords also offers cost-per-click ads, which means that WordPress sites can earn money every time a visitor clicks on the website.

Getting started with Google AdWords on WordPress is also easy with our Adwords consultant Darwin. You only need to get an ads code from your Google AdWords account and place it on your website to display ads. Google Adwords also announced its auto ads feature where you paste one piece of code, and Google will automatically decide where, when, and the number of ads to show on each page.  WordPress is also secure, and it is a safe place to run a website. This means that Google Adwords does not have to worry about the credibility of the site.

Whether you want to get hold of some SEO skills, increase traffic to your website, or master local search, Moz can be beneficial in all regards. It is offered as a software-as-a-service and comes with many detailed guides to help improve your marketing skills.

Moz basically simplifies the most crucial aspect of any online business, SEO. With its education, community support, and software, it helps users break down the complex SEO process in order to help your company grow.

If you own a website, be it an ecommerce store or a blog, Moz can be a helpful tool. It can help you develop the SEO tactics that are needed for constant exponential growth in the online realm. Not only does it allow you to measure your online performance, but it also helps to drive quality traffic and boost SEO rankings. It offers services and tools such as rank tracking, custom reports, on-page SEO, link explorer, and keyword explorer.

Using Moz with Google Ads Darwin can be the cherry on top for the success and growth of your business. People who go straight to Google AdWords and bid for keywords based on their minimal results are disappointed by the returns. However, Moz offers a simple solution by simplifying the SEO process.

Using the keyword explorer by Moz, businesses can find the perfect keywords to bid for on Google Ads Darwin. Not only will this help generate more traffic to the website but also lead to greater profits. Google AdWords being the incredible tool it is, can significantly impact the performance of your website if used with an intelligent yet simple service Moz that customizes its features to suit the requirements of your business.

The Marketing Sweet Brand Promise is ‘to be the ultimate SEO and Web Design company delivering Page 1 rankings and incredible, unrivalled customer experience’. We take pride in building long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients as you become part of our Marketing Sweet family.

Our customer service standard is unlike any other PPC agency Darwin and is what sets us apart as one of Australia’s leading SEO, Web Design and Google Adwords agency. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and providing you with an unrivalled experience has facilitated the development of processes and practices that are designed to provide you with a stress-free and enjoyable experience. We will never keep you in the dark about your progress and consider ourselves an extension of your Adwords consultant Darwin team. Our number one goal is to make you money and get your business in front of the eye of valuable customers. We will always go the extra mile to deliver personalised solutions for your business and generate quality leads that lead to conversions and additional revenue. Each morning, we meet as a team to internally discuss your campaign’s performance, develop and implement new strategies and optimise your campaign to escalate your growth. 

A successful Google Ads Darwin campaign combines the strategic implementation of your content, website landing page experience and ongoing maintenance. We are proud to boast a repertoire of PPC agency Darwin services that encompasses all of the elements of Digital Marketing that are guaranteed to provide you with the opportunity to succeed. Our objective is always to position you as a leader in your industry and get you in front of the right customers with the intent to buy.  Therefore, our recommendations and strategies combine the knowledge and skills of various Digital Marketing specialists to optimise your campaign from your PPC Darwin campaign and beyond.

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Our 5 Step PPC Process

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Present preliminary strategy

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Step 2: Proposal

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Step 3: Implement

Finalise strategy

Setup account & marketing campaign

Create Ad content & extensions 

Select target audience & locations

Step 4: Report

Generate report & analyse

Contact the client to discuss report

Adjust the strategy

Step 5: Communicate & Optimise

Continue communication with the client whenever required

  Increase click through rate

Focus on the campaign for better conversion

We love Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Understand your offering, build a campaign to communicate your message & deliver results fast.

Get your target audience to click on your Ads to convert to leads

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