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Questions You Should Ask Before Developing Your New Website

Questions You Should Ask Before Developing Your New Website. The best way to make your client happy and satisfied is to deliver the work in the same manner that they wish. Sometimes it is needed to get at the heart of the client to know about his/her objective and goal. This will help you in doing the work in the right direction. To help you in that situation, we have put some of the common questions that you discuss with your client before starting the website development. 

Developing Your New Website

1. Do You Require A Brand New Website Or Want To Redesign The Existing Website?

This question from our list helps you in understanding the project properly. With the answer to this question, you will be able to know that it is a complete redesign project or you have to provide a new website from the ground stage. It will help you in estimating the time that will be required to do the project. If you have to do the improvement to the existing website, then it will require very little time, and you will be done with the minor updates. If you have to create a new website, then you have to pay proper attention to the layout to the design of the website. You have to notice the things that are required by your client on the website and have to work accordingly. 

2. Ask Your Client To Describe His Business In Few Sentences

This question is quite handy when you have to provide the content on the website. You can ask your client to start with the details like motivation factor, the journey of their business till now, vision, mission, and value of the company. The answer to all these questions will help you in knowing the actual matter of the company. You will become familiar with the organization by knowing each and everything, and you can easily communicate to the visitors of the website. The type of business your client wishes to run has an effect on the design and content of the website. According to that, you have to structure the web pages of the website. For example, if your client is a photographer, then you have to present his prominent pictures on the website so that visitors get to know about his work. You have to create a website that is different from the normal website and appears like a lookbook to the users. 

3. What Are The Services That Will Be Offered?

Now the time has come to know about the product and services of your client. You will get an idea about the business model. You have to design a website that can best suit the brand and service you will promote on the website. Being a designer, you also have to consider the working procedure of the client business. For example, you have to gather information such as if he is going to sell the product online, what type of payment he will be accepting, what areas will be served, what will be the working hours and other things. Considering all these things, you will be able to provide the proposed budget to your client. 

4. Information About Target Audiences

The main objective of any website is to reach more and more audiences so that leads can get generated and businesses can experience success. For this, it is very important that you should have the details of the targeted audiences. You will require information such as age, gender, location, and other things. Also, you have to discuss with your client that the individual who is going to experience your service needs to be an expert in that field, or you are also going to provide them with the training session. This will give you an idea about the user flow.  

5. What Is The Uniqueness Of Your Service?

It is the clients’ thinking that their website design will set them apart from other competitors. This can be done in the most real way by understanding the uniqueness of your client’s product or services. It would help if you understood the competitive strategy of your client. The strategy can include free or fast delivery, coupon offers, return policies, best rates, and more. Knowing these all will help you in designing the elements of the website in the right manner. The right element at the right place will leave a good impression on your visitors. 

6. What Features Should Be Required To Make Your Website Successful?

The client’s target audience, industry, and goal determine the answer to this question. For instance, the client might be thinking about increasing the website’s visibility on the search engines and boosting the newsletter signup or anything else. You will get to know about the points that are in the heart of the client, and you can provide him with better solutions. Being a website designer, you have to follow web design principles. 

If your client aims to have an e-commerce store, it may be obvious that he may need a product page with a specific description, payment integration, deals, and discounts on the webpage. You have to add the contact form so that users can find a place where they can fill their phone number and order details and get in touch with the business owner.  

7. Is There Any Favorite Website?

You will end up with infinite design creations if you don’t understand the requirements of the client. With the availability of lots of options, the higher risk of fulfilling the client’s necessary objective will be left. If you ask for some of the clients’ favourite websites, you will have an idea of what things can appeal to your client, and you can focus on those things. You can ask the same question in multiple formats. For example, you can ask, what are the things that you appreciate and dislike on this website. You will require your client to be as specific as possible to get the accurate and precise answer. Asking questions by considering the reference webpage will help you in delivering the final website in the same manner for which your client is looking.   

8. What Is The Perspective Of Content Marketing Services?

One of the most important elements of the website is the content. You can ask your client whether he is going to provide the content or he would go with the content marketing services. For making any project final, blog posts, videos, articles, and other things are required. While developing the website, you should be clear from the beginning who will be responsible for all such deliverables. You can also ask your client about the SEO-optimized content. If you get the answer to all such questions that the agency that is doing website development has to look after the SEO and other content of the website, you will get an open door from the one-time project to the ongoing project.  

9. Would You Like To Experience Ongoing Support And Maintenance With Us?

If you are the individual who belongs to the web development industry, then you would know what effort is required to keep the website on the top. Time to time website maintenance and update is required to preserve the performance of the website. Having a website design questionnaire is a good practice to get to know the expectation of the client. You will get to know about the post-launch situation. Your client will grant you the whole process of hosting renewal, security tracing and backups. You can offer your maintenance plans to the client and do your best.  

10. What Is The Expected Budget?

By concluding answers to all such questions, you will get a clear picture of the cost that will be involved in the web design cost. You can provide the idea from your side to your client for achieving the goal in a better way. By knowing the budget of the client, you will determine what type of work and in which amount can be done on the website. The tool and features required to be included on the website will be concluded with the budget. If the client budget is low, you can make a website that is simple and fulfils the client’s basic needs. However, if your client is providing a good budget, then you can go with custom websites. And can use different plugins to make the experience of the users better.  


A website development project has plenty of moving elements, and much can become problematic if not considered properly. By doing a website questionnaire with the client, you can guarantee a generally smooth activity for what it’s worth.

In this article, we’ve talked about some of the key inquiries to pose to an expected customer prior to beginning on their site. These will empower you to find out about your customer’s intended interest group, one-of-a-kind selling recommendation, course of events, objectives, and the sky’s the limit from there. If you wish to get your website developed and designed in the correct form, you can contact Marketing Sweet’s professionals. We care about the expectations of our clients and work in the same manner. With years of experience, we hold expertise in delivering all types of projects before the deadline. Feel free to contact us at 08 8120 4079 for more information.

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