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Why Link building and Content Matters for SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is a game that follows many principals and guidelines in stages to build your online presence and digital success. Fundamentals of SEO Marketing show us that great content helps provide your consumer or audience with information and knowledge about your product or offering. Link building can deliver astonishing results by increasing the quality and number of links to your webpage, which will increase your search engine ranking. These two concepts can be critical factors in the process of converting your click into sales. This article exploits tactical moves that will help boost and improve both your SEO Marketing Link building and Content.

Be Descriptive In Your Meta descriptions

SEO Marketing

Firstly, well-written Meta descriptions can be a huge advantage to your search engine presence and improve your organic click-through rate for SEO Marketing. These appear in a business summary and description when searched on Google, which should provide accurate, informative and engaging content on what’s to come on that page. In SEO Marketing, both search engines and web visitors want clear written and described information that will help drag them to your website. It is important to review and update your Meta description tags for all important pages for your website on a regular basis. The key goal is to write a description that will fit 320 characters and will give information that will sell your business to your consumers.

Make sure a Responsive Design is in place for your users

The Responsive design of your website needs to cater for mobile users, which today is a significant number of search traffic.  The mobile search game is becoming a huge attribute to the sales of all online businesses. It is essential to provide a positive user experience to convert your visitors into new consumers. Using Google’s mobile responsive test can be a good place to start and see how your website is responding to users. Google analytics is also a great tool that provides quantifiable data on how mobile visitors are engaging with your current content. It is important to take advantage of these tools and to manually check your websites responsive design through mobile devices. This process will help ensure that your website is on par for providing a positive mobile user experience for your target audience.

SEO Marketing
SEO Marketing

Page Speed

It is confirmed that as of July 2018, the page speed of a website will become a ranking factor for Google’s mobile search called the ‘speed update’. That is why it is important to plan ahead and ensure that your websites speed and functionality is up to scratch. Page speed plays an important role in the user experience of a website. Rather than hiring a professional web designer, many businesses look for the easy and cheapest way out being dependent on a WordPress theme and many install plugins to achieve their goal. It is better to start a clean foundation in personalising the website that will be tailor made for your audience. A professional is a good way to start, as optimizing page speed can be tricky and requires tactics to ensure it fulfills the positive user experience your consumer’s desire.

I would like to thank Jeremy Knauff who provided a remarkable article and inspired my written piece.  Find the link here: https://searchengineland.com/5-easy-smart-seo-wins-boost-content-link-building-efforts-294406
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