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Why is Content King?

It is 2021, and content is everywhere. We now have video and music streaming apps, tweets, podcasts, and even augmented reality. As you can see, content just continues to evolve, with countless content creators worldwide. It may be challenging for you to choose a favourite. We even have content-sharing apps like TikTok, Instagram and Reddit that enable us to reach a broad audience. Today, we will discuss why content is king and how you can use it in your digital marketing strategy. 

What is the Origin of the Phrase “Content is King”?

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article for the Microsoft website and named it “Content is King.” This phrase would live on 25 years later and change the course of digital marketing. In his article, Bill Gates suggested that most money made on the internet would come from content, much like broadcasting. He continued to state that content would serve as an equaliser because anyone could create and publish content.

The Microsoft founder suggested that the internet would force content to evolve and move away from TV and radio broadcasting. This evolution would lead to subscription services to content like software, interactive content, and independent creators. Twenty-five years later, we can see news outlets reverting to digital subscriptions to monetise their services. As such, we can conclude that Bill Gates was right and content certainly is king. 

Users and Google Love Quality Content

Why is Content King?

By now, it is no secret that internet users and Google love content. Studies prove that the average world counts for pages on the top position on Google’s first page is 1,447 words. This is quite a lot of content. Google has been quiet about what it takes to rank on their first page of search results. However, digital marketers now realise that high-quality content is the key to ranking well on SERPs.

Besides Google, people also love content. The global online content consumption doubles each year, and is among the most effective ways to convert readers into leads. Companies that use blogs to push their content earn about 67% more leads than those that do not blog. This is why most brands are investing a significant percentage of their budget on content.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions about content is that it is only inclusive of written content. On the contrary, content includes social media, videos, virtual reality, and other content that people cannot read or listen to. 

Reasons Why Content is King

Why is Content King?

Content is not about finding ways to beat Google’s algorithms. It is about connecting with the right people, keeping it real, and offering something valuable to internet users. Here are some reasons why content is king and how you can use it to boost your brand.

Builds Trust 

How many times have you skipped ads on YouTube? Have you thought of how many people run ad blockers? Most people opt to browse organic results on Google, YouTube, and other social media platforms to answer their questions and problems. Some people may not trust what they read, but it gives website owners a better chance than any paid ad. Moreover, even paid ads require quality content to connect with users. This is why most marketers report building trust through content successfully. 

Helps with Your Branding Efforts

Some areas where content helps in your branding efforts include visual search, video streaming, podcasting, and Google snippets. The secret is to treat every piece of content you create as if it is the only message a user will associate with your brand. This is all about integrity. Focus on optimising your images, prioritising quality, and creating valuable content. 

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Let’s take a recent example. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, marketers either increased their content budget or kept it the same. Content is easy to audit and adjust when you need to restructure your format, change your target audience, re-plan your budget, and try new strategies. 

Helps You Understand Your Audience

Remember that you cannot create quality content without understanding your audience. Knowing your audience will help you choose the right keywords, answer the right questions at their knowledge level, and stay ahead of trends. 

Allows You to Offer Something Unique

Without content, your value is limited to the products, services, and experience you offer someone after becoming a customer. Content is the second unique value prop that makes you stand out from the rest. Ensure you study your competitors’ content and choose a different approach that they have neglected. 

Content is King for SEO

Google ranks content with high authority, expertise, and trustworthiness. In other words, these are the features that users search for in your content. This is why your SEO strategy in 2021 stresses creating high-quality content. This will allow you to show off your authority and prove to your audience that you are worth trusting. 

Opportunity to Connect with Influencers

If you are looking for influencers, you must set out your values and expectations clearly. However, this may not work if you fail to provide examples. With quality content in place, influencers can read your content and understand what you need. Influencers can see your values and culture in action, making your culture a living thing instead of words on paper. Content also provides your influencers with something to share. 

It is There for Every Stage of the Customers’ Journey

Content allows you to appear naturally at every point of the customers’ journey. When using Google, one could search how to cure a headache instantly and find themselves researching a specific set of headphones. This is why understanding your audience is critical. 

Content is King Across All Channels

In 2021, there are several channels you can use to market your brand. Clients jump from one channel to another looking for quality content. You can publish your content on Google, as well as make YouTube videos. Use your content for a holistic experience across every touchpoint that you may use for marketing your company. 

Improves Your Position in the SERPs

Most digital marketers agree that content is king because it increases your position in the SERPs. Google’s objective is to provide users with the most relevant search results. As such, it makes sense that quality content is better. However, more content may not work for your website. Google does not look at the quantity but the quality. Writing hundreds of blogs will not help you rank highly compared to a few well-researched and written posts. Creating quality content includes;

  • Being original
  • Answering questions
  • Being accurate
  • Engaging readers
  • Adding images and videos to your posts
  • Being consistent

Other factors may also affect your ability to rank highly in the SERPs. Google also considers things like page experience. If you find it challenging to create high-quality content for your website, contact our team at Marketing Sweet

Why is Content Important in 2021?

Why is Content King?

There are a number of reasons why content is King in 2021 and why you should never neglect it. If you neglect content, your digital marketing will suffer. Always remember that content is the bridge between you and your customers. Bill Gates gave the world a heads up, since he knew the vital role that content played and would continue to play. 

Excellent content influences conversion by increasing leads. Content marketing gets six times more conversions when compared to other digital marketing approaches. Most consumers buy products or use services after seeing recommendations on blogs. Here are a few ways you use content to increase conversion:

  1. Give Guarantees

People love being assured that you will support them. You must show confidence in your product or service, so your customers can then follow suit. Offer them a money-back guarantee or a warranty. A guarantee will drive conversion because your customers can see reduced risk in buying what you offer. 

  1. Use Testimonials

After satisfying some customers, ask them to write reviews and show the world how happy and pleased they are. Potential clients are more likely to believe other customers than your sales representatives. Reviews also allow you to tell the world that you can be trusted

  1. Use Call to Actions

Using tangible action verbs in your content will make more of a significant difference than you would imagine. Use language that calls your audience to take action. Use phrases like ‘act now’, ‘buy now’, ‘call us today’, and others. These words create a sense of urgency that motivates people to act faster, and rest assured that they will not be annoyed by your tactics. 

  1. Value Your Headlines

The headlines are one of the most overlooked components of your content, while they are the most important. Most people read your headlines to determine if they will read your content. As such, you must create headlines that attract your audience.


What you have just read shows that content marketing is the future, and it has been relevant for quite some time. Now you know why content is king and how you can use it to stay relevant and reap its benefits in the future. Reflect on what content appeals to you and you will start to notice the marketing strategies behind this quality content.

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