As part of our website process, we can provide a sitemap which is presented in the form of a flow chart essentially showing all the available pages on the website. The benefits of a sitemap design will ensure we have the best understanding of where pages are on your website and how the pages will be accessed by the user. 

The Process

1. Finding The Optimal Way For Users To Travel Through Your Site

Our team takes the time to understand what needs to go where for your unique website. User psychology plays an important role in understanding how people navigate through your websites pages. Every website should have a goal and a purpose. Without these, websites can often be unfocused, hard to navigate, and present poor user experiences. This is where we come in, with our expertise, we can offer advice regarding the best sitemap design for you.

2. We Take A Look At Your Current Sitemap

Prior to starting the Web Design process for your new website, it is important to understand what your website’s goals are. You don’t want to leave users wondering ‘what am I doing here?’. Without a sitemap, the user’s journey through your website could encounter potential stops. We consider your competitors, comparing how your sitemap looks in comparison to theirs. Like a house, it is vital to have a solid plan prior to moving forward with the design and build.

3. Do It Once, Do It Right

Taking the time to develop a solid sitemap, will ensure you reap the benefits. It is an essential feature of your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. A good sitemap will let Google know that your website is available to be crawled. It is even more important if your website has a more detailed structure as it is imperative you keep your sitemap up-to-date to best enhance your website’s optimisation.

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