How to incorporate SEO into your Social Media Marketing Adelaide

Ever thought SEO and Social Media Marketing Adelaide aren’t related? Well that’s where you’re wrong.

Effective social media marketing takes consumers from Facebook to your website, while engaging content encourages people to remain on that website. The “time spent on a page”, is a big determinant of SEO rankings, it will help increase your website’s SEO ranking overall. While effective SEO helps consumers find your website on Google and stay engaged with it.

We’ve answered 4 questions that will help you improve your Social Media & SEO presence / We’ve compiled a few tips and hints to effectively combine social media and SEO to help your overall digital marketing strategy.

Are you interested in marketing your business using Facebook?

1. What influence does your social media page following have to your SEO?

Social Media Marketing Adelaide

The larger your social media following, the bigger your organic reach will be on that platform. What opportunity that gives you is driving to your website for free. In growing your page following, don’t try cheating the system by buying page followers because a lot of these followers are fake accounts and have no genuine interest in your brand. That means you won’t reach buyers.

We have seen firsthand how a large page followings can increase traffic to websites and contribute a greater ROI.

If you want to grow your page following you need to present content that is valuable to your intended target audience. “Value” can come in many different forms, including special offers, useful information and entertainment.

2. What is the power of people sharing your content?

The more people share your posts, the more people will see your brand, and the more people who see your brand, the greater the chance you have of getting in front of someone who’s ready buy your product right now.

If you post blog articles from your website that has useful information for your target audience, and people share that post, you will drive more people to your website for free.

If your platform possesses more organic traffic, the greater chance for ROI to be made for your business.

Social Media Marketing Adelaide

3. Does your campaign present the right content?

Social Media Marketing Adelaide

Remember don’t full into the trap like most accounts and post content for the sake of posting content! It is important to post content that will not just capture your product offerings, but will convey your company’s voice and core values. Don’t go over the top, by always using a promotional or salesy approach. You need to be engaging pictures and articles that relate and entertain those who are scrolling through their Facebook feed.

Facebook viewers will generally click on brands they know and regularly won’t click on the ones they aren’t familiar with. However, using strong social content will build your brand recognition and lead to more consumers trusting your brand. The more recognised your brand becomes from social media, the higher chance you’ll receive more clicks on Google. The more clicks will help increase your ranking.

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