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The 5 Keys to Keep your Employees Keen!

Cultivating a positive company culture isn’t as simple as it sounds. You have to demonstrate leadership and take every individual under your wing to ensure they’re performing their best and loving what they do. Here’s a few tips to keep your employees engaged throughout the grind!


1. Work life balance is important

It’s not rocket science, everyone knows the importance of work life balance—regardless of what field you work in. Making sure that your employees feel equally connected to the business as well as their life outside of work will keep them feeling fulfilled, and in turn they’ll be far more productive! Ensure your employees know their entitlements to take time off when they need it to unwind and encourage them to speak up when the workload is getting too much.

2. Make them feel appreciated

A little recognition goes a long way. Whether it’s through hosting regular staff events, paying for lunch or pulling a team member aside for a simple “thank you”,the impact of appreciation is greater than you might think! People tend to go the extra mile when they know that their hard work is being acknowledged.

3. Honesty is the best policy

Whether an employee has made a mistake or they have room to improve in a certain area, providing constructive criticism will facilitate a trusting relationship.It demonstrates that you want to help them grow as opposed to setting them up for further failure. However, make sure you stay consistent with your communication style so your staff never feel like they’ve been caught off guard or subjugated, and always offer a solution off the back of comments.

4. Talk about growth and potential opportunities

Discussing your employees progress can steer them in the right direction of feeling inspired to achieve their goals, and work harder to accomplish them. If there is a target they can work towards, whether it’s being a part of the next meeting or a big job promotion, talking about the path to success can motivate them to power ahead and give their all.It also pays to reflect on your team’s progression, so they can recognise their potential.

5. Have fun too!

The old saying goes “Don’t mix business with pleasure,” but our experience has proven otherwise. Having fun with your co-workers and getting to know them on a personal level will improve collaboration and create an overall positive company culture. Whether you assign a day of the week to have lunch together, set up an activity to start off the day or organise events outside of office hours, work hard and play hard too!


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