Tips For Writing an Engaging Script

Are you looking for creative video marketing ideas for your brand? Video marketing is a great marketing strategy for promoting the products and services of your business. A recent study reveals that around 87 percent of online marketers make use of high-quality video content for the best marketing results. The creation of the script is of vital importance, so it’s worth seeking help from a video production company to ensure you’re communicating those key messages that will drive consumer engagement.

While you might find yourself re-writing several scripts during the video production, all your efforts are well worthwhile. A script should have purpose and direction through telling a specific story about your business–whether it’s intended to evoke emotion, ooze professionalism, emphasise the customer-service aspect of your business or give people a behind-the-scenes insight to help them understand the scale of work that goes into every project.


When you wish to create a highly engaging video for your target audience, here are some pro tips to help you devise an attractive script during video production:

1. Come Up with a Detailed Outline

Script writing for video production commences with the conceptualization of the main idea,which is then brokendown into several sub-points to maintain clear structure. Before putting pen to paper, make sure to cover the relevant questions or points that will help clearly tell your story without diverting from the core topic. Some of the important questions are:

  1. What is the overall purpose of the script?
  2. Who are the viewers of the video?
  3. What message or informationcan the viewers take from the script?

2. Write in a Conversational Tone

One of the most important points of composing the video script for your video production is maintaining a conversational tone. Script writing differs quite a lot to writing for publication, so dial down the language and insert the appropriate punctuation to help you communicate as though you were sitting down with a friend. Stay away business jargon and industry concepts that won’t make sense to newcomers. Engagement is all about creating a connection, and relatability is a big contributing factor.

3. Using the visual elements as your reference point

When you start writing the script for your video content, think about all the possible visual elements you can include to help you communicate the message. For example, if you are incorporating a screen recording, marry up the script with the information you’re visually presenting to make it feel educational and interactive.

4. Keep the Script Short & Direct

A long, complex script means a drawn-out video. Hitting the main points straight off the bat and keeping your script short and sweet will heighten the audience engagement by a mile. Additionally, you should keep the structure of your script chronological to reinforce the point. This means establishing a clear start, middle and end. We recommend starting with a strong introduction to the point, going through all the sub-points step-by-step in the middle, and ending the video with a summary of everything you have discussed. When you go overboard with the language it will weaken the purpose of the content. Therefore, you should aim at keeping the script short, simple, and direct.

Put these four points into effect to create an informative and engaging script for your video production! We highly recommend incorporating video onto the home page of your website to create a strong visual representation of your brand.

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